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How to Clean Baby Bottles: Comprehensive Details on Cleaning Baby Bottles

Cleaning the baby’s bottle is one task that should be taken with a lot of caution. An infant’s immune system is weaker than that of an older child making him ...

Best Baby Bottle Brushes on the Market: A Comprehensive Review

Having a baby is an amazing thing. Still, expect an inexhaustible list of chores. With a new member in your family, you’ll most likely become a little more ...

Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer: 5 Options to Consider Purchasing

Taking care of the baby is the top priority. But having a baby is never easy, especially if it’s the first one. There is so much we need to learn before we ...

How to Get Baby to Sleep in the Crib Without Fussing

The first few days of motherhood are often a blur of feeding, burping sessions, night waking, and colicky cries. If you are lucky, the baby will sleep well in ...

Best Baby Bottles for Feeding: Top Options to Pick From

As a long-time experienced teacher in the kinder garden, I’ve seen hundreds of toddlers and babies, been watching them grow, change habits, starting to walk, ...

Don’t Miss The First Word Of Your Kid With Peekaboo Moments

Babybooks help us to preserve the memories we cherish. Thanks to modern technologies, you can do it easily by using your smartphone. Take photos, note the ...

Raising A Child With wikiHow

Our mothers and grandmothers used to use large paper encyclopedias when they needed to find a quick answer. Luckily, nowadays, you can carry all ...

Baby Night Light: Instant Sleep Aid & White Noises

The baby doesn’t sleep? Have you tried all possible means? Nothing helps? Do not despair - there is a solution! And it is in just four words — ...

Best Baby Toothbrush To Buy in 2020

Taking care of our kids from the first seconds of their lives is our main priority. We all do our best to give the best care to our little ones, ensure they ...

Lifecake – Baby Milestone & Private Photo Album

Capture the most important moments with your child forever! Lifecake has all the features you need for this. Create the albums, share them with ...

Read Favorite Books From Amazon Kindle

Reading is helpful to children and their parents, from the time the pregnancy was confirmed. As a future parent, you need to know everything ...

280days: Pregnancy Diary App Review

Looking for the application during the pregnancy? 280days: Pregnancy Diary is what you need. Why? Two minutes of reading, and you will fall in ...

Enjoy Your Pregnancy With Pregnancy Week By Week

Pregnancy Week By Week is there for you 24 hours a day, updating you with information about your current situation. This is an amazing free app ...

Always Know Where Your Children Are With Find My Kids: Child GPS watch & Cell Phone Tracker

If you want to know where your kids are, simply download the app on both phones. The app shows the current location of children, battery charges, ...

My Baby Piano

In this article, Kiara shares her personal experience of how the music and My baby Piano app can help children with different psychological and ...

Fruits and Vegetables for Kids App Review

Looking for the application to learn with your child? In this article, Kiara arguments why you should try Fruits and Vegetables by CLEVERBIT. ...

8 Best Baby Wipes For Sensitive Skin To Buy

During seven years of my experience as a kindergarten teacher, I have seen a fair share of messy blowouts and unexpected pee puddles. Along with the knowledge ...

10 Best Baby Jumpers To Buy in 2020

We try to provide the best care and give all love to our babies from the very first seconds of their lives. We take care of their nutrition, sleep, and health. ...

Ovulation Cycle: What Happens During Ovulation

The question that arises when discussions on the reproductive health of a woman are held is usually, “when are you most fertile?” A woman can become pregnant ...

Best Baby Laundry Detergents to Try Out Today (2020 Review Update)

From the first days of their lives, newborns become the center of care, love, and attention. Each mother does all her best to show the world to the baby, loves ...

Best Baby Bottle Warmer: Choosing The Best Product

Taking care of our babies is the main priority. Each woman does all her best to become a better mom, provides the best care for the baby, and gives all the ...

How to Sterilize Baby Bottles: Practical Guide and Great Tips

We carry our babies in our bodies for nine months, which are the safest and protected home to them during this period. From the very first days of their lives, ...

Babies Pooping: Helpful Information and Explained Colors

There’s no way around it: everybody poops. When talking about babies pooping, it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that they poop much more often than anybody ...

Best Baby Cribs for Your Child’s Sleep (2020 Review Update)

Most parents purchase baby cribs for sale as the first bed for their child, because it is the safest place for a baby to sleep. There are certain things that ...

What is Ovulation? Everything About Ovulation Days, Symptoms, and More

My name is Kiara Harris. It’s been already seven years since I started working as a kindergarten teacher. I enjoyed the miracle of birth and experience ...

7 Best Ovulation Kits To Buy in 2020

Many women that want to get pregnant don’t know when the best days to conceive are. Those understanding their cycles well often do not know how to use an ...

13 Best Baby Monitors in 2020 for Toddlers

I know it can get confusing sometimes when a decision must be made on which baby monitors are the best to surveil children. There is this eagerness to know ...

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  1. Dear Greta! I bet your baby girl will appreciate all of the detergents for newborn babies. They all are affordable. You may try Earth Friendly Hypoallergenic Liquid Laundry Detergent. It costs $20 for 2 packs on 200 loads, which is pretty savvy if you ask me. But you don’t have to limit yourself to it. Puracy Natural Liquid detergent is hypoallergenic and liquid, as well as Dreft Stage 1, and Dreft Stage 2.

  2. Kimberly, thank you for your question! I believe I’ve missed mentioning that you can use all of these detergents to wash the clothes of both your children. These detergents do not contain sulfates and don’t cause allergies, so anything you pick will be suitable for your case. I recommend you to try different detergents, just out of curiosity and while you are searching for the best. If the liquid is not a must condition, try Molly’s Laundry Powder.

  3. Thanks for your question, Yaz! An ovulation test is a reliable way to find out when there is a chance or risk of pregnancy. Ovulation in women organisms occurs individually, depending on hormonal changes, and therefore, tests are the best way to know when you can conceive a child. However, in any method of contraception or diagnosis, there is a chance of error. Can an ovulation test be wrong? Unfortunately, it can. This happens for various reasons, depending on the quality of the test you use.

  4. Of course. We really want every girl to have the opportunity learn such important things about herself and a possible pregnancy.

  5. Thanks, Lora. This is the best reward for us.

  6. Hi Jane. Thank you for your question. The fact that you trust our blog is very appreciated by me and the girls. Even though your out-of-date ovulation sticks might work, it doesn’t mean that they will provide you with a valid response. I highly recommend that you buy new ones and use them before they expire. Jane, you’re welcome to get back to us whenever you have further questions. We’re always happy to help!

  7. Hi Kate. Thanks for your question, I feel great knowing that you’ve read the whole article — and paid special attention to this important issue. Yes, when it comes to WiFi baby monitors, they connect to your home network, which in many cases, opens the door to anyone to hack the system. In this case, I would recommend choosing the strongest hacker-proof item among the ones I’ve mentioned in this post. That’s the Willcare baby monitor with 3.5″ LCD Screen, Digital Camera, Infrared Night Vision, Two-Way Talk Back, Lullabies, Temperature Monitoring, Long Range Baby Monitors with Camera and Audio. You can find it above, along with the reference to a more detailed description and pricing. Alternatively, you can opt for a modern radio monitor — they’re reliable hacker-wise as well.

  8. Hello Cindy, and thank you for your kind words about my article. I appreciate your feedback greatly. Having questions is natural, especially when you’re facing things you’re absolutely new to. I’m glad you got back to me with this question because I know the answer to it 😉 The thing is, all women ovulate on different days of their cycles. On average, it’s day 14-15. I, for example, ovulate on CD 18 or 19, while others may have their ovulation on CD 9 or 10. It varies from woman to woman, so just because your calendar says you are ovulating, it doesn’t mean you are… Keep in mind that there are women who don’t ovulate every cycle. So, I recommend that you trust your Clearblue kit and see how it goes. Please get back to me and share the results. If you have further questions — I’m always here for you.