Best Baby Bottles for Feeding: Top Options to Pick From

As a long-time experienced teacher in the kinder garden, I’ve seen hundreds of toddlers and babies, been watching them grow, change habits, starting to walk, run, and play around. Although all of them are totally different in their habits, appearance, and moves, all children need a proper feeding. And one of the most crucial parts of helping to develop a healthy and happy child is to provide proper breastfeeding and bottle feeding starting from the very first days of your baby’s life.

Top 8 Baby Bottles to Help You Feed Your Baby Quick

Your baby may be in love with breastfeeding, and teaching it to use a bottle as well may become a tiring process. In other cases, some toddlers can’t receive breast milk, and they need to get used to bottle milk from their birth. Depending on the age of a child, as well as peculiarities of their eating habits, you should choose the bottle form, material, and size.

To make your baby get accustomed to a bottle is equal to tricking them into thinking that the bottle is your breast.

That is why all the mixtures that you’re giving to a baby must be warm, the bottle nipple must be soft and touchy, and the bottle itself should be easy to hold.

Besides, the wide choice of feeding bottles helps us as mothers to select a beautiful design and easy-to-clean structure of the bottle. In this article, we will figure out what to look for when choosing bottles for feeding, and what bottle can be considered the best one.

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Top 8 Best Baby Bottles for Feeding

If you like to rely on trusted brands, here are the most trustworthy manufacturers of devices for feeding children providing their top-notch products. As they have shown different functions and pros in various situations, be sure to select the one that will suit your needs the most.

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1. Comotomo Baby Bottle – Best Baby Bottle for Your Newborn

If you are looking for the first bottle for milk formula during the period of weaning the baby from the chest, then don’t hesitate to take bottles of the Comotomo company. Initially, I was advised to use the bottle of this brand by my colleagues in the kindergarten. This model has many advantages that make it ideal for your baby’s first bottle. The bottle’s most important function for weaning the baby from breasts is its shape, which resembles the outlines of breastfeeding in a maximum way. That is why a child without stress and tantrums will switch from breastfeeding to a bottle.

The second but no less important option in this model is a wide neck, and the design of the bottle itself, which is created specifically so that a mom can wash the bottle manually without difficulty. If we talk about the material of the bottle, then it is completely made with safe silicone, which is anti-allergenic and hygienic to use. That is why, using this bottle, you can heat milk and mixtures in a microwave, wash it in a dishwasher, although it is necessary to ensure that the temperature does not exceed 180 degrees.

Due to the silicone material, you might think that the bottle itself will be slippery, but this is not the case. It is comfortable to hold and will not fall out of your hands. There are also many advantages associated with the design of the bottle itself.

Sometimes, the nipple connector is too narrow. Because of this, the child simply can not get food at the time when they want it, due to a clogged connector. This is the remarkable model among the items present on the market. There are only three parts in it – a bottle, a nipple, and a fastener ring. Super small details, without which the whole bottle loses its usefulness, are not included.

I was impressed by a cute modern design, but the advantages of this bottle are much more than just the appearance. If you have a need to wean a baby from breastfeeding, but they are protesting very actively, this bottle will be a real way out of the situation. It really copies the feeding process, so the baby will be slightly deceived. They will massage or squeeze the bottle, and milk will gradually stand out from the nipple.

When it comes to the material of the bottles, it is important to understand that, first of all, such items should be made of safe materials. Baby bottles are usually made either of glass or plastic, and each material comes with its pros and cons.

Many moms prefer glass bottles because of the easy washing and sterilization of such goods. However, glassware may be too weighty for your child, and also, it can break easily. In addition, it takes a while to get the milk inside it heated properly.

Thanks to eco-friendly material, over time, the bottle will not lose its appearance. Even after a few months of use, it does not have any yellowing from a constant wash, and there is no smell of milk, since, unlike plastic, the material will not be saturated with odors.


  • Copies the feeding process
  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Cute design


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2. Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle – Stays in Perfect Condition Even After Baby Bottle Sterilizer

These are the ideal first milk bottles that you might be advised by both mothers and doctors in the maternity ward of the hospital. I used them myself when I raised my daughter. The first thing that is important in bottles is the safety of the material with which they are made, their ease of use, and the waterproof feature. I found everything I needed in this model. At first glance, in this model, there are significantly more details than in ordinary bottles, but all the functionality is fully justified.

Moreover, washing them is no more difficult than cleaning other bottles. Just use a simple little cleaner for the tubes that come with the kit. Unfortunately, over time, the bottle began to leak a little, but then I realized that I just forgot to assemble it correctly. After all, some parts, like plastic discs, are designed to seal the bottle. But unfortunately, there is always a risk of losing them or collecting the bottle incorrectly. That is why this is not the best choice for lovers of long trips.

The advantage of this company is that you can order different nipple options in the kit. Depending on the flow rate of milk, you can choose the perfect bottle for your baby. Slow flow is more suitable for young babies, but when they become more mobile and older, you can choose an easier option.

The first important advantage of this model in terms of a price-quality ratio is that it comes with 4 whole replaceable bottles, so you don’t have to worry when you have to feed your baby urgently. Therefore, this one will make you a very good purchase. The material of the bottle does not contain BPA and is not harmful. At the same time, it can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

Another truth is that these bottles have a special ventilation technology that will reduce the pressure inside the bottle and help to avoid air bubbles during milk intake. This is very important, because due to these bubbles, the child may experience colic or spit up.


  • Ventilation anti-colic technology
  • Various bottle nipples with slow flow
  • Easy-to-clean details


  • If assembled incorrectly, the bottle can leak.
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3. Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle – Most Natural Bottle Nipple That Will Trick Your Child

Another bottle option from Dr. Brown is a slightly improved version of the previous item. This bottle retains all the qualities and benefits of the sets from Dr. Brown. The set includes four bottles with nipples that will copy the process of breastfeeding.

I like this set because of the top-quality nipples these bottles have. In the last few years, baby supply manufacturers started researching the impact of the nipple’s form on the feeding process of a baby. The more a nipple imitated the shape of a female nipple, the more satisfied the baby was.

The form of this part comes in handy if you have to breast pump and feed your toddler from a bottle or practice a mixed diet. The nipple was initially made to remind the baby of your body and make the transition from breastfeeding to eating from a bottle much easier and quicker.

Nipples are silicone and soft, which will not allow your baby to feel uncomfortable while feeding. In addition, all the products from Dr. Brown feature an anti-colic ventilation system. This will prevent the baby from accumulating gas or experiencing problems due to colic. Bottles can be washed in a dishwasher or baby bottle sterilizer. The material also does not use harmful substances.

What is the difference between these new bottles from previous ones? First of all, the company corrected what everyone complained about – this relates to the leakage of the bottles and the presence of a great number of details in the bucket. Now you do not need to push the cork into the ventilation hole to close it as the cork is fixed to the ribbed base. This simplifies the assembly of the bottle itself and saves it from previous shortcomings. At the same time, the design itself looks more intuitive and reliable. Now the bottles don’t even leak, so I can easily put the bottle into my bag when I leave the house.

At the same time, there is still room for improvement – I am not quite comfortable with the upper protective cap of the bottle. It can fall out at the most inopportune moment and ruin the sterile environment of the bottle.


  • Anti-colic system to help your baby avoid uncomfortable feelings in the tummy
  • Better fix the upper part of the bottle than in the previous model
  • The bottles do not leak


  • The protective cap of the bottles is not that comfortable and doesn’t fit properly
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4. NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottle –One of the Best Baby Bottles for Newborns

In this model, the nipples have several holes that will simplify the intake of milk for young children, since such a model will serve naturally and close to the mother’s chest. You most likely know that when choosing the best nipple, it is necessary that it corresponds to the age of the child. If the holes are few, then the newborn will need a lot of effort, they will get tired and be malnourished.

If the hole is large, the food will arrive quickly and easily, as a result of which the baby can completely abandon the breast. Remember, the thicker the mixture, the more holes the nipple should have in the feeding bottle. Products are made with latex and silicone, as the latter material is easier to care for, the bottles are stronger and more durable. There are two types of nipples in this set from 3 to 9 holes so you can choose a more suitable flow of milk or mixes.

As with any high-quality set of feeding bottles, a ventilation system is used here to help your child avoid unpleasant sensations from colic or gas due to accumulated air. At the same time, the nipple itself is made of silicone and is super mobile, helping the child drink from a wide variety of positions.

This model has some advantages over previous options under review. Firstly, it is the material of the nipples. In fact, all the nipples are made with silicone or latex. Undoubtedly, many manufacturers choose silicone as it is more durable and practical. However, even silicone may be different. In this model, it is denser, which prevents the child from chewing and spoiling the shape of their mouth.

Depending on the age of the baby, the nipples differ in size and flow rate of the liquid coming from the bottle. For a newborn, a nipple of 1 or 0 size is suitable (it may vary depending on the manufacturer). It is also important in the first month to use a nipple with a slow flow. Therefore, the milk or mixture does not arrive quickly, and the baby makes efforts when sucking the bottle, as well as when sucking the breast.

The slowest flow is one small hole in the nipple. The more holes, the faster the fluid will come to the baby. For example, a pacifier with two holes is best used after your baby turned a month. All these characteristics are indicated on the product instructions, so pay attention to this when choosing the item.


  • The best option for a newborn baby due to its small size
  • Durable materials that are easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • Two types of nipples in this set to choose from


  • You need to change it to another bottle when the baby grows
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5. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Newborn Starter Gift Set with Baby Bottle Brush

Recently, mothers of children in the kindergarten have been discussing this starter kit, which is universal and fits everything you need to provide feeding. It includes several bottles and a nipple with accessories. This is a high-quality popular baby bottle with an ergonomic shape with a wide neck and anti-colic valve. The safety of this product is confirmed by all kinds of tests and certificates. In addition, the Avent Natural Series has very good nipples that are suitable specifically for newborns and especially for premature babies.

Since the silicone nipples are very soft and wide, the transition of the baby between breastfeeding and the bottle is smooth and imperceptible, as the baby will not feel much difference between the artificial and natural nipples. Why does this model stand out from all the previous items? The product uses the new Airflex ventilation technology that minimizes the appearance of air bubbles and the possibility of colic while feeding.

Be sure to buy a baby bottle brush if it is not present in the set. These brushes come in different shapes and sizes — choose a brush suitable for the bottles that you are going to use. The most durable brush is made entirely of plastic. There are also sets consisting of a brush for washing bottles and a brush for washing nipples.

The set includes several bottles of different sizes, additional nipples with different connectors for very little ones and more fearful babies. As a bonus, you also get a couple of dummies that will allow the child to wait for milk intake without whims. A brush is also included in the kit to perform effective bottle cleaning.

The bottle nipple is soft and durable, making it an ideal option for the baby. This model is also fitted with an anti-colic mechanism that prevents the ingestion of air. A lot of positive reviews of this product prove the usefulness of this feature. I like the fact that the bottle has quite a large neck so that you can wash it conveniently, and this item is really comfortable to hold in hand.

Unfortunately, there is a minus even in these great bottles — they are slightly larger than the standard size, and therefore sometimes can not fit in the usual holders or pockets on the stroller. If this is critical for you, it is best to check the size on the site first.


  • Bottle nipple is very comfy and flexible
  • New Airflex ventilation technology
  • The set includes a brush for washing bottles


  • The size of the bottle is bigger than the standard one
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6. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle –Works Perfectly with Baby Bottle Warmer

What is good about this company is that all its products, including these bottles, are made of high-quality materials. Due to this benefit, they do not lose their appearance even after repeated sterilization.

There are special small holes in the nipple of the bottle, and the milk is delivered through a valve. That is why the child makes the same effort to get the milk from the bottle as they do with the mother’s breast. And thanks to the anti-colic ventilation system, the air practically does not enter the stomach, and all negative consequences will bypass the child.

The main advantages of this bottle are the following. The item is lightweight, made of solid material, has many shapes with recesses to make it easier to hold in hand. The main thing here is the quality of plastic of which the bottle is made. It is polypropylene, which does not contain Bisphenol A, prevents the emission of harmful substances during sterilization, and is safe for the newborn.


  • Safe material for a newborn baby
  • 4 bottles in a set
  • Bottle nipples with Extra Slow Flow


  • The bottle can leak milk, thus it is unsuitable for long walks
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7. Medela Breast Milk Storage Bottles to Ensure Top-Quality Baby Supplies

If you already have a child, then probably you have heard about the most recommended company for storing and feeding milk among doctors — Medela. This manufacturer, in addition to nipples and bottles, also produces breast pumps, containers, and other various kinds of essential equipment for mothers.

That is why you can be sure of the safety and sterility of your milk in these containers. In addition, thanks to its design, you can safely feed your baby from the same containers in which you store milk. There are labels on the bottles to help you measure the exact amount of milk. If you need to store excess milk tightly, you just need to screw the lid on. In addition, the material is suitable for use in a dishwasher or microwave. The set includes three bottles with caps, nipples, travel valves and a bag for disinfection of all parts and accessories.

There is no doubt that the company recommended by doctors will use only safe plastic, in which you can store breast milk. It is important to control that all collars are tight, otherwise, the bottles will leak. If you follow the instructions and do not lose any baby supplies, then you will not have any problems with the Mendel bottles.

At the same time, they are very easy to wash, but if you constantly wash them in a car, the plastic loses its appearance and becomes cloudy due to the high temperature. Therefore, if it is important for you that the bottles look like new, you will have to wash them by hand. The number of bottles is designed perfectly for one full day of feeding, which helps to divide the milk evenly into all sessions and improves the feeding experience.


  • Safe material for milk storage and baby feeding
  • Comfy design to help you change the bottles quickly between feedings
  • Very easy to clean


  • Plastic can become fuzzy after repeated sterilization
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8. Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle – Best Solution for a Bottle Feeding

It’s simply the best device for feeding a baby. The design of this product allows holding your toddler comfortably during the feeding process as if you wanted to breastfeed them. The air valve placed at the bottom of the bottle reduces the possibility of intestinal colic in babies and allows a constant flow of food. Moreover, the bottom is removable, meaning you can wash this container more easily compared to other models.

Made with harmless plastic, this bottle has an ergonomic design that makes feeding easier when half-lying. In addition, they have a special valve system that prevents air bubbles from entering the baby’s stomach. The air entering the bottle gradually replaces the decreasing liquid, while not mixing with it.

But at the same time, the model is designed so that it has a minimum number of parts, which simplifies the process of leaving and assembling the bottles. The kit includes a bottle nipple that your baby will most certainly confuse with their mom’s breast. It really imitates the real nipple, with a wide grip, so baby simply doesn’t see a difference when breastfeeding. As for the minuses that were found, I can only say that because of the transparency of the silicone ventilation parts, I lost them a couple of times and had to order a new set because I really like these bottles!


  • A simple form of the bottle to help you take care of the supply
  • Harmless materials — BPA Free
  • Natural bottle nipple makes a newborn get used to a bottle quicker


  • It is easy to lose some parts of a bottle as they are transparent
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Answering Most Common Mommies’ Questions

We all want to surround our babies with the best things possible, so selecting even such a simple thing as a milk bottle can lead to hours of online research. Your mission is to ensure that whatever you give to your kid is safe and not stressful. Here are some ideas to help you select the best product and make the process of feeding a safe and pleasant experience.

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How Many Baby Bottles Do I Need?

Unfortunately, a single bottle is never enough when it comes to feeding a baby. First of all, you need to have bottles of different sizes that will be appropriate for various purposes. If you want a bottle for the newborn, you will need the tiniest bottle with a volume of no more than 125 ml. If you’re looking for a bottle for a toddler, you can easily get a bottle of around 300-350ml. You will need to have a measuring scale or a measuring cup to check the amount of milk your baby drinks every time and how much you need to prepare. 

Of course, if you use both methods of feeding – breast and bottle milk, then you will probably need no more than two bottles during the day. However, if for some reason your child cannot breastfeed, you need to get at least six bottles to ensure you have enough milk for 8 feedings per day.

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How to Get a Breastfeeding Baby to Take a Bottle?

As we already know, the best way for mom and baby to make the feeding process easy and simple is to teach the baby to take turns between breastfeeding and bottle. To show and help your newborn to get used to a bottle in the first stages of its life is a vital step that will help you to wean your baby off breastfeeding later. Prepare yourself that both processes of introducing the bottle and weaning off the bottle can run not that smoothly.

Among a few things that can annoy your baby is an uncomfortable bottle nipple. That is why they can get fussy and refuse to drink or eat. If the shape, rate of fluid intake, or material density doesn’t match your baby’s preference, they will simply refuse drinking from it. And the reason for this is almost impossible to guess. All that remains is to experiment.

If you face the annoying bottle problem with your baby, the best way to deal with it is to try various types of bottles, from silicone to latex, from standard-size to flat. Let your child select the best bottle for their liking. And yes, kids can be really peaky about the feeling of the material. It is pretty common for a toddler to refuse to drink if the bottle nipple is not warm enough. Thus, before you feed your baby, put the bottle in lukewarm water. However, if the baby’s teeth are coming, a cold nipple will make your child happy and soothe the pain a bit.

So to make sure your child will not refuse to drink from the bottle, you need to do a few simple steps. Give the newborn space and time to examine the bottle by touching and biting it. Let your child get to know how the bottle feels in its hands, so it becomes a familiar thing for your kiddo. For the first time, be sure to take turns between breastfeeding and bottle feeding to let them get used to drinking from it once a day, then offer the bottle more often.

Sometimes, babies won’t take their bottles if being held uncomfortably or in an unusual way. Therefore, the best way to feed your little one is by putting them near your breasts, as if you were planning to breastfeed them. It will make the child comfortable and relaxed.

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How Old Should a Baby Be to Stop Using Baby Milk Bottle?

Each baby develops at its own pace, so there is no exact age limit for giving up a bottle. Therefore, it is necessary to observe primarily the physical readiness of the baby to say goodbye to the bottle. And then help them a little. You can stop using the bottle if the baby is sitting, knows how to hold a spoon and what it is used for. As soon as the child begins to eat with a spoon and chews more solid food with teeth, it is worth giving up the bottle.

You don’t have to look long for a way to wean the baby from the bottle when several signs from the options above match. It means that now the baby is ready to step into adulthood with a spoon and a fork. Most often, all the skills are formed closer to the year.

Sometimes, there is an emergency situation in which you need to wean the child from the bottle (for example, a trip in which it is quite difficult to sterilize the bottle and make a mixture). Therefore, if the child does not want to be parted, you will have to help them. The main thing is not to injure the child, but to be careful about them is an important task.

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When Can a Baby Hold Bottle?

baby holding a bottle and mother holding this baby

All children are unique, so do not worry if your 4 month old child does not hold the bottle as your friend’s child does. All this depends on the child. On average, a child begins to hold a bottle confidently at the age of six months. But if you actively show them how to keep it on their own, they will probably get used to it a little earlier. You need to accustom them to the bottle gradually, try not to distract them. Additionally, make sure that milk flows smoothly, and the child does not remain hungry.

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Choose the Best Bottle for Your Newborn

There is no need to mention that the bottle for feeding is an irreplaceable thing in your young mom’s inventory. And when it comes to selecting a good bottle, every small detail matters.

Your task is to choose a high-quality and safe product for your newborn. Today, you can find a huge number of bottles on the children’s goods market. There are a lot of manufacturers, many of the most famous and well-established names such as Dr. Brown’s or Philips Avent that propose various forms and functions to help you feed your baby without stress or difficulties.

To choose a proper bottle, you need to weigh many different parameters. Even though all the brands from Playtex to Cotomomo may make a perfect choice for you, as they care deeply about the materials of their supplies, there are a number of parameters to think about. You should take into account the volume of the bottle, the size of the neck, and many other factors.

The answer to the question of what feeding bottle is the best one is quite simple. It just needs to have a convenient shape, a nipple that corresponds to the age of your baby, and, most importantly, it should be produced by a well-known and trusted manufacturer. By the way, what brand do you trust when buying feeding bottles for your baby? Have you already started combining breastfeeding with bottle feeding? I can’t wait to hear about your experience! Please, leave your response in the comment section below.


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