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Best Baby Toothbrush To Buy in 2020

Taking care of our kids from the first seconds of their lives is our main priority. We all do our best to give the best care to our little ones, ensure they get everything for healthy growth and development. Proper teeth hygiene is crucial from the very beginning. Choosing the most appropriate toothbrush is necessary for the baby’s health. Motherhood is never easy, and getting some help is always good. I am here to help you explore the top baby toothbrushes and choose the best one suitable for you.

I am also a mother of a beautiful baby daughter, and I had encountered the problem of picking the first toothbrush for my little princess when she was 5-6 months old. There were so many products on the market, and I didn’t know which one to choose. I wanted it to be safe and effective, so I started to look for one. Through trial and mistakes, I have managed to find great toothbrushes, and now I know everything about it and how you can choose a perfect one. This knowledge is priceless, so I always strive to share it with other women, especially those who have their first kid. I believe it’s my calling to make their lives a little bit easier.

That’s why I have prepared the list of the best toothbrushes for babies that you should consider purchasing. From my personal and professional experience, I know that these products are worth your attention. I have used some for my daughter and would be glad to share some information about the products with you so you can pick a perfect, safe and effective toothbrush. Check out my reviews to make a great purchase, as here you will find everything you need to know about toothbrushes!

What Is the Best Baby Toothbrush and How to Use It Properly?

I always try to share my best motherhood experience with other women, and, taking into account the huge amount of information I receive every day, I have prepared a short Q&A about baby toothbrushes. In this section, you will find what are the main kinds of toothbrushes, when to use it and how to clean it. Most importantly, I will tell you how to choose the best toothbrush for a toddler or infant.

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Why Is Baby Toothbrush Important?

A toothbrush is an essential tool for the baby’s mouth hygiene. You should pay extra attention to this item and choose only the best one. A quality toothbrush is supposed to remove bacteria that can provoke teeth decay. When your baby is having their first teeth, it’s necessary to use the brush at least once a day (it’s better to do this before sleep) in order to minimize the chances of cavities in the baby’s teeth. I suggest brushing teeth twice a day after several teeth appear.

Visiting dentists regularly is not enough, and it’s our priority as parents to brush and floss baby’s teeth to get rid of plaque bacteria and prevent decay. Some kids have their baby teeth till the age of 13, so it’s important to keep it healthy from the first days.

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What Kinds of Toothbrushes Exist?

Generally, there are two types of toothbrushes. The first type is a finger toothbrush designed for infants. It will be very convenient for small kids, and it will be easier for parents to clean the baby’s mouth. You just put it on your finger and gently remove the build-up on teeth without damaging the tender mouth cavity.

Once your baby grows older, you can choose a regular brush but with a smaller head and soft bristles. It will help eliminate all the dental plaque and bacteria for clean and healthy teeth. For older kids, there are all the variety of electric brushes that make the cleaning process easier and more effective.

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When Can Babies Start Using a Toothbrush?

You should start brushing baby’s teeth right after they appear. Usually, teeth start erupting at the age of 6 months. Keep in mind that for some kids, it can take longer, and it’s completely fine. Teeth are prone to decay right after they appear, and that’s why it’s crucial to clean teeth as well as gums regularly to eliminate all the bacteria.

During the first time, you can use only water, and it will be enough. Once your baby gets older, you can choose appropriate toothpaste for kids to get the best results. Usually, it’s the age of 18 months. Make sure to help your kid brush their teeth till the age of 7 years so they can get used to the routine and do all the job in the right way.

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How Often to Brush Baby’s Teeth?

When your baby gets their first tooth, you can use a finger toothbrush or a damp cloth to remove the bacteria, clean teeth and gums gently. You can do this only once a day before bedtime. Once your little angel gets to have more baby teeth, you should start cleaning them twice a day for two minutes. Then you can apply toothbrush as well.

Don’t think that you have to brush the baby’s teeth every three hours as they eat a lot. It’s the main misconception. 1-2 times per day will be more than enough. You will be able to give them the idea of proper oral care so they can have the same habit in the future.

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How to Sterilize Baby’s Toothbrush?

It’s paramount to keep your baby’s toothbrush clean so that no bacteria grow on the tool and penetrate in the kid’s mouth while using it. Make sure to keep a toothbrush in a case to avoid massive bacteria growth. Also, it’s important to buy a new brush every three months. Most importantly, you have to clean it regularly, and there are a few ways to do this.

  1. The first way to disinfect a baby’s toothbrush is to soak it in a solution of hydrogen peroxide. It’s recommended to do this every week and leave the toothbrush in a container for the whole night. Rinse it after soaking with clean water. For soaking, you can use some small amount of antibacterial mouthwash that will add some fresh taste and smell. You can use rubbing alcohol (and rinse it after soaking) as well, but the taste and smell will be unpleasant.
  2. Another effective way to keep your baby’s toothbrush clean is by purchasing a UV cleaner. A UV light can sterilize the brush and kill bacteria but keep in mind that it doesn’t kill all the bacteria so you can combine both UV and soaking ways for better results.
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What Kind of Toothbrush Is Best for Babies?

As I have mentioned before, there are two types of toothbrushes, depending on the baby’s age. First of all, you should choose the one that corresponds to your baby’s age. If you have an infant, then you should choose a finger toothbrush. For older babies, a regular-looking toothbrush will be suitable. If you want to achieve better results and help your baby remove bacteria more effectively, you can choose an electric brush that will be a perfect match.

Make sure it’s made of safe and soft materials that will gently remove dental deposits without damaging the baby’s mouth. The items provided down below are the best ones, in my opinion, so you might consider some for your precious kiddo.

Keep in mind that toothpaste is as important as a toothbrush. Starting at the age of 18 months, you can apply some small amount of toothpaste to clean teeth and gums to prevent decay. Help your kid clean their teeth as they are not able to make this process as effective as it’s required.

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Top 8 Best Baby Toothbrushes for Your Kiddo

Here are my favorite toothbrushes for kids that are available on the market today. These products are valued not just by me but by other moms throughout the country. Check out each review with the main pros and cons of an easier decision making process. Feel free to consider each toothbrush and find the perfect one for your cute little angel that will be safe and effective.

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1. RADIUS Totz Baby Toothbrush Pack of 3

This is an amazing American brand that offers its clients organic kinds of toothpaste, flosses, toothbrushes for kids and adults with amazing design. On their website, you can find cases for mouth care products as well. All items available are eco-friendly as no toxic or synthetic materials are used. This particular baby’s brush is my favorite as I used it for my daughter and was more than satisfied with its quality.

The main thing to know about this brand is they use 95% of organic materials that are safe for babies. The item doesn’t contain harsh and toxic ingredients such as BPA, phthalates, or latex. This toothbrush will be perfect for kids that are 18 months and older. It is designed specifically for small baby’s gums and teeth so your kiddo can start their journey to proper mouth hygiene. The handle is very comfortable to hold in a little hand. Your toddler will be able to brush teeth themselves easily and be confident in each move.

The brush has a very ergonomic and convenient shape. It has a safe, smooth oval head that will never damage the tender mouth cavity of your baby. The manufacturer has used the softest bristles that will gently yet effectively clean gums and teeth. Bristles are made of vegetables, so it is very safe even for such small kids. The brush is made of organic materials that are safe for babies as well as for our planet. There are no harmful additives. In addition, the brush has a very eye-catching design, nice color range with sparkles that your little one will like.

I recommend this amazing brush for its fantastic quality and affordable price. You will get the pack of three toothbrushes so you can replace it regularly without buying a new one over and over again. Also, it’s FDA recommended so you can be sure you are using the best product approved by professionals. You should use their organic toothpaste and floss for even better results. These products are also organic and safe. Let your baby develop the right mouth care routine with such cool products.


  • Amazing price
  • Soft bristles
  • Safe, non-toxic materials
  • Convenient handle
  • Organic


  • Slightly big head
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2. Jordan Step 1 Baby and Toddler Toothbrush with Soft Bristles, Pack of 4

Here is a great manufacturer that creates safe products for dental care for both parents and kids. You can find all sorts of toothbrushes and toothpaste on their website. I fell in love with their baby toothbrush for its amazing colorful design, which will grab your kiddo’s attention so they will be more willing to clean teeth. Moreover, the price is very reasonable, and you will get a pack of 4 toothbrushes.

There is one more thing to mention. As you can see, there is a blue colored indicator on the bristles that shows you what exact amount of toothpaste you need for your baby. It’s very convenient and facilitates the process so you can always be sure you use the right amount for a baby. Toothbrushes have a cool design and vivid colors (pink, yellow and blue). Speaking of the design, it’s very ergonomic and convenient. However, I believe your baby won’t be comfortable as the handle is a little bit bigger.

Keep in mind that the handle is designed for chewing. It’s covered with safe, very soft material that doesn’t contain BPA, phthalates, or other harmful ingredients. Your baby can chew it safely while stimulating their gums. The brush will be suitable for the smallest ones as well as for kids up to 2 years. Once the first teeth appear, feel free to use this amazing brush in order to effectively clean the baby’s mouth from plaque bacteria to prevent tooth decay. This toothbrush will make dental care experience fun and pleasant for your baby.

The bristles used in this product are very soft, so it won’t harm the baby’s gums. It will be a perfect match even for the youngest kids with a very tender mouth cavity. With this amazing toothbrush, your baby will easily get used to the dental care routine and will enjoy this process. The item was designed to make it as fun as possible with bright colors and a soft chewing handle. I advise you this one as it’s perfect for infants and babies, and the materials are high-quality and durable.


  • Suitable for infants
  • No toxic materials
  • Colorful design
  • Soft bristles
  • Indicator for toothpaste amount


  • Big handle
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3. Finger Toothbrush for Babies by BabyBaus, Pack of 3

This is a brand that designs effective and ergonomic toothbrushes for babies. This particular item is designed for infants. This is a finger toothbrush that you can use once the first teeth appear and to clean gums as well. This is a pack of three items, and, in addition to it, you will get three colorful cases (white, blue, pink). My advice will be to put a toothbrush in a case only once it’s completely dry to prevent bacteria growth. The case will be very useful when you go on a ride or during a trip.

With this cool toothbrush, you will be able to teach your kid the right oral care habits. It will be a fun time for both of you as kids adore finger toothbrushes. This type is highly recommended by dentists. I used a similar toothbrush for my daughter, so I can surely recommend this item to you. You can even use the toothbrush simply to clean baby’s gums when there are no teeth at all to remove the plaque bacteria. It will be a perfect solution for oral care as babies eat very often, and keeping their mouth fresh and clean will be much easier with this product.

The main thing to know about this toothbrush is that it’s approved by the FDA for the materials the manufacturer has used to create this product. It’s safe for your precious kid. The brush is made of food-grade silicone, and there are no other additives, toxic materials, BPAs and phthalates. The bristles are pretty soft though they could be softer. But it still gently massages and removes the build-up. The toothbrush will perfectly suit your finger so you will be comfortable using it. Also, this item is effortless to clean in order to prevent bacteria growth.

You should consider this amazing toothbrush as it’s very safe, only quality materials were used, and your baby is going to love it. These toothbrushes are also used not just for kids but for cats and dogs. You can use this pack for the whole family, including pets. This is the perfect choice to make.


  • Great price
  • Three toothbrushes with three colorful cases
  • Quality materials
  • FDA-approved


  • Too firm material for infants
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4. Nuby Nananubs Massaging Baby Banana Toothbrush

This is a pretty renowned brand of diverse items and products for kids. They offer their clients diapers, bath items, bottles, cups, bibs, pacifiers, and so much more available on their website. They care about children’s health and safety. Therefore, they provide the highest quality as well as the best and safest materials. That’s why this banana baby toothbrush will be a perfect choice for your little one.

The main thing to say about this toothbrush is its outstanding cool banana shape that kids, as well as parents, will love. The design will spur your baby to enjoy the process so much and acquire the healthy habit of proper dental hygiene from the very first months. The product will be suitable for kids 3+ months old so you can clean the baby’s mouth from build-up and plaque bacteria even if there are no teeth yet. The size of the brush is convenient for you to hold in hand, and even your baby can grasp it with ease and comfort.

The toothbrush is made of soft and safe silicone that will perfectly remove the build-up. The massaging bristles are very soft, so you can gently clean the baby’s mouth without damaging tender gums. Only the safest materials were used, and there are no BPA in the product, so you have nothing to worry about. This is the most comfortable bristle available on the market, and its design and effective bristles are the main reasons to buy it for your precious kid.

You can easily clean the toothbrush so that no bacteria grow on it. You can use disinfecting tips that I have provided, or you can simply use a dishwasher to eliminate all the dirt and some of the microorganisms. Still, I would recommend combining sterilization ways to make sure your baby uses the safest products for dental care. The toothbrush head is fully covered with soft silicone bristles so you can effectively clean each corner of the baby’s mouth. Let your baby clean teeth on their own, so they can develop fine motor skills with this excellent toothbrush.


  • Eye-catching banana-shaped design
  • Soft, safe material
  • No BPA
  • Effective cleansing
  • Comfortable grip


  • Higher price
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5. Brush Baby BabySonic Electric Infant and Toddlers Toothbrush

This company sells all the variety of products for kids’ oral care. You can check out their website and see what kinds of brushes, toothpaste, and other items they have in-stock. After I found this great brush online, I ordered it right away for my baby girl. You should consider this brush for sure if your kids are around 12-18 months old. Though the manufacturer states that it’s possible to use it even for infants, I would advise you to use it, if your baby is at least one year old as infants have very delicate and tender gums.

There are different color options so you can buy it for a boy or a girl. The toothbrush has a very convenient ergonomic design that will fit your hand as well as hand for your baby. The item is very lightweight, so you can give it to your baby so they can clean their teeth on their own with ease. This is one of the most convenient brushes to develop healthy dental hygiene habits.

This is an electric sonic brush with two small replaceable heads for your convenience. You can change it, so your baby uses a clean bristle with no bacteria on it. The bristles are extremely soft, so it will be a pleasure for your baby to use it. It gently cleanses gums and teeth from build-up. The brush has a light, gentle vibration that makes the overall process much more fun and effective. For your convenience, there is a 2-minute timer that will tell you when it’s time to stop. Moreover, the brush sends impulses every 30 seconds that indicate your baby should move to the other part of the mouth.

The toothbrush is a perfect one to teach your baby how to properly take care of their mouth cavity and prevent tooth decay in the future. The item needs an AAA battery that you will get in the package. The toothbrush is completely waterproof and is very durable. The design is perfect for small hands, and the on/off button can be easily turned by your baby as well. There is an additional LED light that illuminates the brush head while using it.


  • Two brush heads
  • Effective electric cleansing
  • Soft bristles
  • Ergonomic design
  • Different color options


  • Higher price
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6. SmileFrida the Finger Toothbrush by Fridababy, Best Toothbrush for Baby with Case

This manufacturer is one of my favorites as they offer great products for moms and their babies. There is a diversity of products on their website. However, their outstanding finger toothbrush is certainly worth your attention. There is only one single brush in the package, but it’s worth buying for its outstanding quality. It will be suitable even for the smallest babies who are 3+ months old.

This toothbrush is made of soft, safe silicone, and the product is free of toxic materials, BPA and phthalates. It perfectly cleanses the baby’s teeth and gums. The brush head is double-sided, so the overall process is much more effective. You can use it for the mouth cavity even if there are no teeth as bristles are extremely soft and gentle to tender gums. It will perfectly remove all bacteria and build-up.

An amazing and colorful design is perfect for grabbing kids’ attention and making this process easier and desired for them. It will be much more simple to show your little on the proper oral care routine. The toothbrush will perfectly suit the parent’s finger for a convenient brushing process. The brush has a triple angle, and you will be able to clean the teeth on all sides for the best results. It works perfectly even without toothpaste. The toothbrush is so easy to clean.

In addition to the toothbrush, you will get a convenient storage case so you can keep it away from dirt and dust. As I have mentioned before, you should leave only the dry brush inside of the stand to prevent bacteria growth. The item not just perfectly cleanses but gently massages and stimulates gums. It’s extremely important to do this when teeth are about to appear.

With a double-sided brush head, you will be able to clean the bottom and top teeth all at the same time. It will be much more effective, and you can get rid of all build-up with ease. I love this great toothbrush and recommend it to moms of infants who are about to get their first baby teeth. It’s worth purchasing, and you will never regret it.


  • Safe materials
  • Soft bristles
  • Great design
  • Double-sided
  • Effective performance


  • More expensive
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7. Brilliant Toothbrush for Toddlers and Kids

Here is another famous outstanding manufacturer of great products for oral care. They design the most ergonomic and effective toothbrushes that perfectly get the job done. This particular one is designed for older kids from 5 to 9 years old. I will buy this toothbrush for my baby girl once she gets a little bit older. There are different color options to choose from, so you can choose the one for a boy and a girl.

The item is made of the highest quality nylon, which is free of BPA and other toxic materials. It’s completely safe for your kiddo. This toothbrush has a special round shape head, which has more bristles that enable effective cleansing. In addition, the bristles are extremely soft, so it will penetrate even into the most secure corners of kids’ teeth to keep it clean. The item will never allow teeth decay to develop as bristles ends are cut, so it’s much thinner to eliminate all bacteria, build-up, and food particles stuck between teeth.

The colorful design and comfortable handle will be so convenient to hold in hand. Your baby will love the toothbrush and will take care of their mouth cavity on their own with pleasure. Kids would love brushing teeth with such a product. The round brush head allows comfortable usage, and your kid won’t have to twist a wrist while cleansing different mouth areas.

Keep in mind that this toothbrush can be used only with water. No toothpaste is allowed. But this brush will grant your kid a positive dental care experience. Let your kid take care of their teeth with ease and fun. Even hard-to-reach places will be perfectly clean, so you have nothing to worry about. Your kid’s teeth will be healthy, and no cavities will appear with this cool brush.


  • Effective round brush
  • Great material quality
  • Easy cleansing
  • Comfortable handle


  • For older kids only
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8. Baby Electric Toothbrush for Toddler with Smart LED Timer and Sonic Technology

Dada-Tech offers outstanding sonic toothbrushes for kids that perform all the tasks in the most effective way. They offer innovative solutions and designs to make dental care easier and efficient. This is another amazing electronic brush with sonic technology that is perfect for kids up to 3 years. The brush is waterproof, so it will last very long, and it’s completely safe to use in the water. In the package, you will get an additional replacement head that will come in handy for sure to keep the brush safe and clean for your baby.

It’s worth noting that this particular item is approved by the FDA, so you can buy it as it’s completely safe and effective. The brush head is small and is perfect for baby’s teeth. You will be able to clean it perfectly from plaque bacteria, food particles, and build-up to prevent decay. The bristles are extremely soft, and it won’t hurt or scratch gentle gums and mouth of your precious baby. No bleeding will occur.

The brush has an amazing LED light that will make this process more enjoyable and fun for your kid. They will be able to acquire the habit of proper mouth care from the first years of their lives. The brush head is designed specifically for kids and is created according to their physiological characteristics to make the cleansing as comfortable and effective as possible.

The anti-clip handle will be easy to hold in the baby’s hand so they can try clean teeth on their own. There is a smart 2-minutes reminder that will indicate when it’s time to finish cleaning. Slight impulses will tell your baby each 30-second when they should tackle another mouth area. This is my recommendation for you. Try it out without hesitation.


  • Soft bristles
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Gentle electric impulses
  • LED light
  • Different color options


  • Higher price
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Summing Up

Baby’s hygiene is of paramount importance, and taking proper care of the baby’s teeth is our main task from the very first tooth. It’s necessary to use only the best toothbrushes that won’t damage the mouth and will clean gently. I provided you with the list of top toothbrushes available today. I tried to be as precise as possible to facilitate the decision-making process. With the detailed product description, the main pros and cons, you will be able to pick the most appropriate toothbrush for daily routine.

I hope you find this article very useful, so feel free to use my advice for better baby care and teeth hygiene. Now, I would love to hear from you. Leave your comments below and tell me what toothbrushes you have used before. How was your experience, and did your baby like it? Which products from the list you like the most and want to try out as soon as possible? It will be my pleasure to read about your experience and your opinion. 


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