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6 Best Maternity Bras: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The million-dollar question is, when do you start wearing maternity bras? Before I got pregnant, I used to wear an underwired bralette without giving much thought to its effects on my body. However, as the pregnancy progressed, the wire became too uncomfortable. Apart from preparing for my babies’ arrival, I also had to invest in myself and buy the right bra.

I never understood how vital the right nursing bra motherhood maternity was until I had my twin boys. Then, I quickly realized what a unique experience the breastfeeding was. Every woman handles it differently. Luckily, it all gets easier when you know what works for you by reading through the best maternity bra reviews.

Your body changes so much with pregnancy. Your breasts become a size or two bigger. The last thing you need at such times is the discomfort that comes with a tight bra. Considering how many different brands and sizes there are on the market, reading some reviews is crucial for the best shopping experience. This maternity bra review is meant to help you to make the right purchase for you and your baby’s comfort.

Top 6 Best Maternity Bras to Buy in 2020

Are you wondering where the best place to buy a maternity bra is? For helping you to find a bra that will suit you and help you feel comfortable during pregnancy and breastfeeding, I have prepared a list of some of the top maternity bras on the market. These come from various brands and have unique qualities for extra comfort.

I have chosen these bras based on their best pregnancy bra support, comfort, ease of use, fit, and durability. Read on the best maternity bras reviews below.

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1. Hofish 3-Pack Full Bust Seamless Nursing – Among the Best Maternity Bras 2018

I am going to start this maternity bras review with a bra that offers a combination of convenience and comfort. This Hofish bra’s design enables one-hand access, which makes it the best maternity bra for breastfeeding and expressing milk.

The cup drops easily whenever you need to feed your baby. The first few months of baby’s life consist of an endless nursing session, so it’s great to have a bra that is easy to snap on/off and also makes you feel comfortable.

In addition to having a variety of sizes that can fit you no matter how much your body changes, the Hofish bra model comes with clip extenders that are easy to use. These extenders allow you to adjust how tight or loose the straps are to ensure that the bra fits well. This feature is great for mums who are in between sizes and have not yet figured out their “new normal.” Having the extenders in matching colors is a great bonus – nursing mamas need to look good, too!

If I had to pick the one memory of my nursing experience that I will keep forever, it’s definitely about leaking boobs. Whenever my boys would go through a growth spurt, my milk supply would go up. The Hofish bra comes with extra padding that provides so much comfort for engorged, leaking breasts. The padding is thick and stays in place well.

What makes this feature even better is the extra space. You can remove the padding and insert your disposable nursing pads. I always thought that the best pregnancy bra must be comfortable, and the Hofish model did not disappoint me.

While nursing, almost every mom has a somewhat big bust. To offer maximum support, the Hofish brand provides large bra sizes for all women. Additionally, the stretchy material of this particular model ensures maximum support, no matter what the breast size is. This bra can accommodate large busts quite well, without compromising on comfort.

My only criticism of this best nursing bras for big busts would be that the straps are rather thin, and can easily twist. Although they do not cause any notable discomfort, you might find this annoying from time to time.


  • Stretchy material accommodates large bust sizes
  • Padding can be removed to give room for disposable inserts
  • Extenders enhance comfort and proper fitting


  • Slim straps twist easily
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2. Suekaphin 5 Pack Wireless Nursing Bra – Runner Up of These Maternity Bras Reviews

There are two unique features of the Suekaphin bras that I absolutely love. The first one is a clasp that enables easy access during breastfeeding.

Imagine a situation where you are out with your baby, and you need to feed it. It will probably be awkward for you to reach into your blouse, trying to get your boob out. That’s why the clasp on this bra is such a great idea. With the best maternity nursing bra, nursing becomes even simpler, as you can unclasp one side of your bra and feed your baby.

Another quality I love about this item’s design is the wide sideband that not only conceals the fat under your arm but also ensures a nice fit. The last thing you need after having a baby is rolls of fat showing. Thanks to the wide fabric on the side of this model, you have a neat fit that makes your outfit look good, too.

This bra has adjustable straps, just like those on bras for everyday use. What improves this item’s adjustability is the spandex material, which stretches and fits around your breast. Extenders that come with the pack can be used to ensure proper fit, especially when you make the purchase without knowing your exact size.

Two things can make any mom dread wearing a nursing bra. The first is obviously the type of fabric. A material that can’t absorb any liquid will be uncomfortable. Thankfully, the padding in these best maternity nursing bras absorbs any sweat or milk that may leak.

The second thing any mom would dread is a rough fabric that causes discomfort. If material pills and fades, it would be terrible to wear. That’s why the soft, breathable fabric of this bra offers such a relief. It does not pill even after many washes.

As you will probably have to wash your bras daily, especially if you choose to breastfeed your baby, it comes as an added benefit. Besides, the pads are removable and washable, and it also adds to your comfort.

The type of bra straps contributes immensely to the amount of support offered. This Suekaphin model has the right size of straps so that they stay in place, do not twist, and ensure your breasts are held comfortably while wearing the bra.

However, I find that this item’s low-cut design does not always look flattering. When worn under clothes, it may look more like a sports bra. As nursing bras are often worn through pregnancy as well, some women may find the low-cut design too uncomfortable.


  • Soft, breathable fabric
  • Retains shape after multiple washes
  • Comfortable straps


  • The low cut design does not look flattering
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3. Kindred Bravely French Terry Bareback Nursing Sleep Bra – Best Maternity Sports Bra

This model is known as one of the best plus-sized maternity bras on the market. Not only does it have a wire-free design, but also the bra has no clasps or hooks that often make you uncomfortable. Instead of unclasping the bra to breastfeed, all that you have to do is to pull the fabric aside. The front layer of the material overlaps on both sides for proper coverage and to ensure zero nip-slips.

Unlike ordinary plus-size maternity bras, this Kindred Bravely model does not rely on strap adjustment. It is made to fit various sizes. The stretchy material adjusts to the size, no matter how much weight your breasts exert on the fabric.

This design is great for any mom whose breast size fluctuates according to her milk supply. I remember how big my boobs became whenever I was engorged, and I know that many women will appreciate the way this fabric stretches to accommodate fluctuating breast size.

This maternity sports bra has a “busty” option, in addition to the S/M/L/XL sizing. It ensures the cups fit well even for women with larger breasts sizes. The fabric is very soft, comfortable, and breathable. Because this bra has two layers with hidden seams, it feels snug enough and has no irritation points. If you have had issues with the strap edges of some bras being rough, you will love this item.

Instead of an underwire, this model has a band that reduces the discomfort and does not dig into your growing ribcage while you are pregnant. Although it is not elastic, the band does not stretch out of shape, so you can still use this bra throughout pregnancy and while nursing.

The winning quality of this item is that it is not made of synthetic material. It is manufactured with bamboo, spandex, and organic materials. Many women who have extremely sensitive skin will appreciate this quality, as it guarantees comfort all day long. This bra can be worn at night with no issues.

The Kindred Bravely model can support a decent amount of weight as far as breast size goes. I would chalk this up to the spandex material of which it is made of. It stretches to support the extra size.

The band at the bottom fits snugly and is one of the reasons why any breastfeeding mom would feel well-covered while wearing this bra. If you need to express milk or breastfeed, simply remove a layer of fabric over the top, and the bra will still offer support without being too tight.

If this bra had padding, it would be perfect. The last thing a nursing mum needs is breastmilk leaking out and staining her clothes.


  • Soft, luxurious fabric
  • Has an extra option for big busts
  • No underwire, clasps, or hooks


  • Not padded
  • Expensive
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4. Sunzel Women’s Cotton Spandex Seamless Sleep Bra – A Great Maternity Sleep Bra

The Sunzel nursing bra is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It gives the model a stretchy design that goes from the cup to the straps and the band. As the item is fully stretchy, there are no size limits. This bra also has a V-cut crossover design that is quite unique and pretty comfortable.

The Sunzel spandex bra has the widest straps compared to similar nursing models that I have encountered. Although this bra doesn’t have clasps or hooks, it is made of stretchy spandex material. Thus, it can adjust to fit your required size.

The straps are close enough, yet do not require any unclipping before nursing. This model is comfortable enough to be worn even for yoga, making it one of the best maternity sports bras.

This stretchy fabric supports your breasts well without making you feel restrained. An added advantage of this type of material is that it takes care of your underarm area. The absence of seams, hooks, and clips eliminates any irritation spots and gives this bra a smooth feel. It won’t hurt you as the fabric is very soft and breathable.

It is worth noting the Sunzel bra’s crossover design that provides nursing mums with comfort. Being able to breastfeed your baby without struggling with clips makes buying this model worth it. It also fits true to size, which is convenient when shopping online.

The nursing bra has a stretched elastic band that offers enhanced support during the pregnancy period. It has wide shoulder straps that keep the bra firmly in the appropriate place. The cups mold over the breast and offer great support without letting them droop. The elastic band holds everything in place quite well, making this model a top contender among plus sized maternity bras.

I think this bra would be much better if the cup material was not too thin. Because of this feature, nipples are always poking through, which might cause some discomfort for modest moms. There is also too much room for the pads to move around, and it can be not only annoying but also uncomfortable. The last thing you need is everyone seeing the pads through your shirt.


  • Stretchable fabric
  • Wide, comfortable shoulder straps
  • Convenient V-neck crossover design


  • Cup fabric is too thin
  • Pads move around easily
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5. Lataly Women’s Sleeping Nursing Bra – A Model with no Underwire and Cups

This maternity bra for large breasts has no underwire or cups. The problem with underwire models is that they can alter the blood flow, thus, affecting your milk production. The underwire can further lead to clogged ducts or even result in mastitis. Therefore, it is best to avoid such bras and purchase models like this Lataly’s item.

This model has a ribbed center at the front, which does wonders for the coverage. The ribbed feature ensures fabric spreads out evenly and stretches just right, accommodating your bust size. With the size fluctuations that happen while breastfeeding, one can never take such a design for granted.

Although the bra is seamless, its stretchy fabric caters for adjustability. If you buy the right size, you are guaranteed that the fabric will adjust to cover your breasts well. The straps are also adjustable, and this feature lets you wear the bra higher or lower for extra comfort. As your breasts grow, the freedom to adjust your bra is priceless.

The Lataly’s bra fabric is not only soft but also breathable. The breast pads offer additional moisture absorption and keep you feeling snug. The combination of nylon and spandex is gentle on your skin. This quality is crucial when you consider how sensitive your breasts can become while nursing. This model also comes in great colors that do not show through your clothing.

The bra has a ribbed gore, which is stretchable to accommodate various bust size fluctuations. The change in bust sizes is a collective experience for many expectant mothers. The hook and eye closure offer assurance that you are fully supported.

You won’t experience breast leaking when wearing this quality bra. You are set to benefit from these supportive and good maternity bras that feature sewn padding foams for the shaping of the bra and additional support.

My criticism of this model is based on two factors. The first is that it does not look well with tank tops. When worn underneath such clothing, a bit of the bra is visible. It can be off-putting, but considering the amount of comfort the bra offers, you may go for it anyway. Secondly, the pads move around a little bit. However, they are removable, so you can get rid of them if they become too bothersome.


  • No wiring
  • Added foam cups
  • Seamless design


  • Pads move around
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6. ILoveSia 3-Pack Women Full Bra – Among Best Maternity Bras for Large Breasts

The iLoveSia bra is a great asset for breastfeeding mums because its cups do not fall completely off the breasts. When the top clasp is opened, the cup rolls gently to expose only the particular part of your breast. I am convinced that it is one of the most discreet bras that will let you cover up as much as possible.

Another unique quality of this bra is that the cups have a molding design that does wonders for whichever outfit you wear. This design perks up your breasts and gives a very neat look on the outside. The front of the model is ribbed to increase the bra’s ability to stretch when needed.

The plus-size maternity bras have easy access to nursing clips at the front. It allows you to unclip the cup whenever you need to feed the baby. In addition, the full coverage cup design is aided by ribbed fabric that adjusts to fit your size.

As your breast size will fluctuate a lot while you are breastfeeding, it is great to have the assurance that your maternity tank top with built in bra will fit you well at all times. The last thing you need is your bra being too tight whenever you become engorged and are not able to express milk immediately.

This item is made of an extremely soft, absorbent fabric that is comfortable to wear during the day and night. The cups that mold onto your body do it so well that you might even forget you are wearing a bra. It is much better than the constant reminder that underwire bras often give.

The model is padded and also comes with three disposable inserts that every nursing mother would love to have. The padding can be removed for washing and reused later. However, the disposable inserts may not be enough, and you will have to buy extras to last you the whole time you breastfeed your baby. You can also buy a smaller size and use the strap extenders. This way, you can make sure that the bra still fits you as your breast size goes lower.

With four rows and columns of hooks at the back, this bra could not offer any more support than it already does. You have the option of adjusting the fit by using any of these hooks. Furthermore, the item has support ribbing on the sides that prevents your breasts from sagging. It results in perky breasts that look good under any layer of clothes. The ribbed fabric at the front stretches to offer full coverage and support regardless of your size.

I would have preferred this bra to come with smaller padding because removing and inserting big items can be bothersome. Also, the cup pads easily bunch up during the day, making you wish you had taken them out. Besides this con, I highly recommend this bra for nursing mothers.


  • Ribbed fabric stretches to accommodate the extra size
  • Very affordable
  • Has four rows and columns of hooks


  • Cup pads easily bunch up
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FAQs About Maternity Bras

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you can find answers to some of the top asked questions regarding maternity bras. Also, I have added some tips on how to choose the right model

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Why Do I Need a Maternity Bra?

Maternity bras are great for many reasons. First, they do not have underwire. It makes them comfortable and prevents milk circulation from being cut off. Such models are also designed to last you until the moment you start nursing, with features such as the clasps allowing easy access.

Crossover and V-neck design can also improve your breastfeeding experience. Finally, maternity bras are made of the right fabric for your sensitive breasts. No irritation points or allergic reactions can come from wearing these soft, comfortable models.

Knowing how to fit a maternity bra will improve your chances of making a perfect purchase. Consider the fluctuations in breast size during this period and make the necessary size allowances when buying a bra.

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Is a Maternity Bra the Same as a Nursing Bra?

What is a maternity bra? A maternity bra is basically worn when you are pregnant. It is specially designed in a manner that reduces pressure on breasts and accommodates the size of your growing ribcage. A nursing bra, on the other hand, is usually worn when you are breastfeeding and comes in various designs that allow you to access your breast easily.

A maternity bra doesn’t always double up as a nursing bra. The reason for this is that maternity bras are not always made with access considerations. However, a nursing bra can be used as a maternity one.

To save your time and money, I would advise you to buy a few nursing bras while pregnant. It will give you a chance to try a few models and settle on the one you like. It is good to be prepared by finding out which brand provides the best design for you.

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When to Buy a Maternity Bra During Pregnancy?

Contrary to popular opinion, breasts are supported by ligaments and not muscles. That’s why breasts are much more susceptible to hormonal changes than most body parts.

As you head towards your second trimester of pregnancy, your breasts will go a size or two up. This increase will continue throughout pregnancy. If you are not careful, the ligaments might get overstretched. Buying the right bra is essential at this stage of your motherhood journey. Have you searched the Internet, looking for something like: “maternity bra when to buy?” Simply put, your first trimester is the time when to buy maternity bra.

In case you are a mom-to-be, at about 16 weeks, you will start noticing some changes in your body and especially in your breasts. It is the time when your breasts start preparing for your little one’s arrival. Thus, you will soon outgrow your everyday underwire bras.

A majority of the breast changes during pregnancy happens within the first 3-4 months. At this time, the breast anatomy does most of the pregnancy expansion. The changes in the breast tissue, shape, and size also mean that you might not feel very comfortable going braless at any point, be it night or day.

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How Do You Know What Size Maternity Bra to Buy?

Most healthcare professionals recommend pregnant women to get a good maternity bra. It is further advised to consult a specialist to find the right fit. The fitting professional can either be at a lingerie or department store. With the specific knowledge about your size, you can proceed to an online shop that has maternity bras for big busts and smaller sizes as well.

A well-fitting bra has several advantages, such as:

  • Having the cups fitting perfectly, while covering most of your breasts and ensuring there are no overflows at the top
  • Ensuring that the middle seam is lying comfortably against the breastbone
  • Wearing a soft, stretchable bra, thus, leaving behind plenty of room for growth

I highly recommend measuring your breasts after you have had your baby, as well. It is needed to ensure that your bra is still of a proper size for you. During the whole pregnancy and childbirth period, you will see that your size fluctuates. You can’t be sure of your new size until you get accurate measurements.

In case you in your last pregnancy weeks, ensure you purchase a bra that fastens much more comfortably with the last set of hooks. The size of your ribcage is bound to reduce overtime after the birth of your baby. Therefore, you will need a lasting bra.

Below are my recommendations of how to pick a maternity bra to ensure you gain the value for your money:

  • Pick the best supportive maternity bra

Support is a basic necessity when looking for a maternity tank top with a built in bra. It is the first feature you should look for before selecting a preferred option. You should carefully look at the wide straps, deep center, the bra’s front and sides, and under-bust band to ensure you have maximum comfort. Additionally, you should go for the durable elastic straps that are essential for reducing the annoying bouncing that can happen with a loose model.

  • Check for adjustability

Another important consideration that you should take into account when investing in the best maternity bra for large bust is how adjustable it is. Will it accommodate the variations in your breast size throughout this period? While nursing, your breast size may change from one day to another. When engorged with milk, you might find that your bra becomes snugger. Being able to adjust the straps will give you considerable comfort.

Adjustability comes in different forms. For instance, the straps may have an extra allowance, or the bra fabric may stretch to adjust to your new size. If you hate tweaking the straps, go for a bra that does not have clasps and made of a stretching material.

  • Ensure there’s enough coverage

A bra with enough coverage ensures that your breasts are well-covered, and the padding is sufficient for the entire breast. It is vital for your comfort. If you intend to wear your bra to bed, sufficient coverage will ensure you do not wake up with your breasts out of your clothing. Additionally, your outfit might be ruined by having a bra with a too low-cut design.

  • Buy the most comfortable pregnancy bra

The comfort of a maternity bra is important not just for your sake but also for your baby. As your breasts will be very sensitive, you do not want to wear any synthetic fabric that might irritate. It is important to consider that your baby will be nursing for hours, so the straps and elastic bands should not dig into your skin at any point.

Have you considered how to deal with leaking breasts? Yes, it is very common while nursing. A bra with pads and extra allowance for inserting disposable ones is great to have. Thus, you will avoid the embarrassing milk stains and keep yourself clean and dry by changing out the pads immediately after they become wet.

How easy will it be for you to access your breast while wearing the bra you have chosen? Newborn babies often feed on demand. It means that you may not have a certain feeding schedule for the first few months. Being able to quickly and comfortably reach for your breast will make a lot of difference to your experience.

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Summing Up Thoughts on Maternity Bras

A maternity bra that does not fit well can result in your neck, shoulder, and back strains. It is because your breasts go through some significant changes, especially during the first trimester of the pregnancy. For your comfort, you should look for the best maternity bras large breasts and keep in mind the essential features that a good model should have.

Apart from your comfort, you should consider the adjustability of the bra to suit various sizes. Remember that you intend to use this item during pregnancy, as well as after you give birth to your baby. It is necessary to choose the bra that will adjust to fit you well at different points during this journey. Other considerations include the design and type of extra support given by the underwear.

With these aspects in mind, you are bound to buy the right bra for your motherhood needs. Whether you opt for the top Hofish seamless nursing bra or any other model that I have reviewed, you are assured of a quality item.

I hope that you have found these maternity bra reviews useful. Have you chosen your best pregnancy bras so far? Have you used any of the plus size maternity bras from this review? Which maternity bra motherhood is your best pick? Let me know about your experience in the comment section below.


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