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Best Breast Milk Storage Bags – an In-Depth Analysis

Working mums face various challenges, such as a lack of proper breastfeeding schedule. Maternity leave does not last forever. Therefore, you have to plan on ...

How to Warm a Baby Bottle: Step-by-Step Instructions

Does your baby often cry because it is hungry while you’re really trying your best to warm the milk? Of course, your baby may sometimes be nervous and start to ...

A Super Lifehack For Busy Moms: Baby Sleep App

As the name suggests, this lullaby-singing app is useful for parents of the smallest kids. You can adjust the noise level, and just do whatever ...

Pregnancy Tracker and Chat Support for New Moms — the Best Pregnancy Tracker

The expectation of the baby and the subsequent decree often alienates the woman from her usual circle of friends. Mom Life is a place where women ...

Dive Into The World of Best Audio Books Via Audible

The Audible Audiobooks app offers you the best selection of audiobooks. The library is growing every day, and you may enjoy bestsellers and award ...

Baby Beach Tents: Options to Buy & Helpful Tips

You had probably faced a situation when you were going on a vacation or to the beach and had to pack up big bags. When you arrived at your destination, you ...

Week by Week Pregnancy App. Contraction Timer

How to keep calm when you know that you are the future mom of twin boys? Here is the answer — Week by Week Pregnancy App. Read how this app ...

Feed Baby – Baby Tracker: The App That Notices Everything About Your Child

Feed Baby app memorizes all the information about the baby, including eating, pooping, and sleeping. It saves the current weight and height of ...

Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Due Date Calculator For Every Mother To Be

Pregnancy Tracker is one of the most helpful apps for women during pregnancy. It provides important information, calculates the due date, and ...

Lullaby for Babies App Review – Personal Experience from Bethany

The problem of sleep in infants is one of the most acute and complex problems for young parents. Bethany shares her secret how she dealt with ...

Best Baby Body Wash For Sensitive Skin: Products to Consider for Your Child

Choosing the natural, safe, and effective products for your baby is paramount from the first days of its life. It's important to select a body wash and a ...

Best High Chairs Your Baby Will Like (2020 Review Update)

Hi, I'm Bethany, and my life is full of joy with my two twin boys, Jesse and Tom. Even though I have two kids, I travel a lot (I've visited 43 countries so ...

6 Best Maternity Bras: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The million-dollar question is, when do you start wearing maternity bras? Before I got pregnant, I used to wear an underwired bralette without giving much ...

8 Best Maternity Belts for Comfortable Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most exciting period in the life of every woman. We will cherish memories of these amazing nine months forever. While expecting a baby, all ...

Amazon Baby Registry Review for Future Parents

Being a mom is hard work, but being a future mom is all about preparations, worries, and responsibility. As a mother of two beautiful sons, I know how hard it ...

Best Shoes For Pregnancy I Used to Wear: Top Comfy Shoes for Pregnant

Pregnancy is a magical period in every mother's life. But it is also full of challenges. Being pregnant means to bear twice more responsibility for comfort and ...

Best Baby Bibs: Crucial Things to Pay Attention To (2020 Review Update)

As a first-time mom, you quickly find out just how messy babies can be. It starts with a tiny burp and ends in a gush of milk after a feeding session. Baby ...

Hospital Bag Checklist For Baby: Essential Items That Must Be in Your Bag

I am Bethany, a mother of two beautiful babies, and today I want to talk about the essentials you need to pack with yourself heading to a labor room. I have ...

Best Diaper Bags That You Will Love (2020 Update Review)

Hi there. My name is Bethany Andrews and I’m a Proud Mom of Twins — I even have a T-shirt with this slogan 🙂 We’re a very well-traveled family, so I know a lot ...

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    Bethany Andrews 30.10.2019 at 10:23

    Hi Lauren. It’s great that you find EasyToBeMom helpful. Thanks for your feedback. And yep, the fact that you’re not a perfect mom is normal. Neither of us are, but we’re here to share our knowledge and experience with first-time moms like you — to make your everyday life easier and help you understand that just being a good mom is enough. As for your question, I recommend having 5 to 10 bibs on hand — just to make sure you always have a fresh and clean bib at your disposal. Hope that helps. Get back to me whenever you have questions. Have a great day.

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    Bethany Andrews 16.09.2019 at 13:41

    Thanks. It’s nice to hear that my post came in handy.
    About your questions. Not the whole Ticent bag is waterproof but it has waterproof pockets and all accessories, so I don’t think that you’ll fill any troubles during rainy day.
    And of course you can use your backpack as a diaper bag. It’s just a matter of convenience. If you are comfortable with your backpack and it has enough pockets and other stuff – another bag is not needed.