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Best Shoes For Pregnancy I Used to Wear: Top Comfy Shoes for Pregnant

Pregnancy is a magical period in every mother’s life. But it is also full of challenges. Being pregnant means to bear twice more responsibility for comfort and safety during this period. I am quite an expert in this area since I have already gone through this phase. My name is Bethany; I’m the mother of wonderful twins, my young tigers, and troublemakers.

Honestly, it would have been so much easier if I hadn’t been surprised by all the changes my body was going through. I was swollen, my body felt heavy like I bared an elephant in my pockets, and my shoe size grew! I was shocked and exhausted in pregnancy comfortable shoes were like a dream, but sitting at home hadn’t been in my travel wish-list of the year! So, by permanent tests and run-throughs, I had selected the most comfortable shoes for pregnant period. And it’s my joy to share this list with you.

7 Best Shoes for Pregnancy I Totally Recommend for Future Moms

There is nothing more important than high-quality and comfortable shoes for pregnancy. Good shoes while pregnant will ease your fatigue during long walks, as well as lessen the danger factors – swelling of your legs or ligaments, and occasional falls. Therefore, you should forget about high heels and look for comfortable good shoes for pregnant women. My best choice for comfortable pregnancy shoes is always snickers. In the reviews, I will also evaluate the products according to the following criteria: sole, durability and style.

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Skechers Sport Women’s Empire Fashion Sneakers – Comfortable Shoes In Pregnancy

These sneakers are obviously one of the most comfortable types of pregnancy shoes for swollen feet. Sketchers is a trustworthy company with lightweight, versatile running shoes at affordable prices. At the same time, given that high-soled sneakers are now in trend, you will look fashionable without efforts. Wearing these comfortable safe shoes for pregnancy cost like an average pair of sneakers which you can buy to please yourself with something new.

  • Sole

Sketchers have a fashionable outsole, and the top is made of smooth, stretching woven mesh. At the same time, the sole of the Sketchers is made with air-cooled foam. It creates lightness, supports your step and is insanely comfortable as for pregnant shoes. What is noteworthy, sneakers have a small but tangible arched support. They are not flat though comfortable for walking. On the downside, they are not very resistant to slipping, compared to the sneakers with rubber soles.

The toe area is spacious, so they do not squeeze anywhere and legs do not get tired. Also, they have a slightly higher landing than Go Walk`s ones. For this reason, you can use orthopedic shoe inserts for pregnancy if you wish. They are fitted with essential for pregnancy shoes comfortable elastic insertable laces. These hold stronger than regular ones and do not need to be laced up several times.

  • Durability

I take them everywhere. Sports, long walks, trips to other countries: they endure any weather and don’t wore-out after washing several times.

  • Style

The style is minimalistic, with a brand patch on the side. Honestly, I got to use them before pregnancy, as they are stylish and very comfortable due to the sole. They are suitable both for long walks and standing work. I just love them. I even have several color options for different outfits.


  • Suitable for long walks
  • Best pregnancy work shoes for standing activities
  • Various color options
  • Elastic insertable laces


  • Not very resistant to slipping
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Sanuk Women’s Pair O Dice Flat – Best Pregnant Shoes for Summer

I found out about this brand when I was fond of yoga. Fun fact: they use material from a yoga mat for their soles. Besides, the soles are covered with an antimicrobial substance, therefore, it reduces the risk of bacteria growth and unpleasant odors. Sanuk women’s shoes are soft, airy-light and non-slip at the same time. They have a small stylish clasp with enzymatic canvas prints. They look lovely on the feet, suitable to wear at the office and are the best shoes for pregnancy work.

  • Sole

What makes me extremely happy is that the rubber sole of the product is not simply flexible. It is super flexible. These are excellent, not very slippery, best shoes for swollen feet during pregnancy for walking along the streets. However, they’re not quite suitable for rocky or sandy locations.

  • Durability

The upper part of the item is very soft and stretchy. Therefore, I didn’t suffer from blisters or scuffs. They are quite durable, therefore being a good choice if you’re looking for pregnant work shoes.

  • Style

I was looking for minimalist boots that I could easily put on and take off when I was at home or outdoors. These totally match my needs and, in addition, are provided in different colors.


  • Close (yet comfortable) landing
  • Minimalist look
  • Soles are comfortable and straightforward


  • Not intended for long-distance walks
  • The fabric glued to the sole began to slip and fold
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TOMS Women’s Canvas Classics – Among Top-Rated Pregnancy Shoes Amazon

It is remarkable that the TOMS company, since its foundation in 2006, has been doing charity. Buying a pair of shoes for yourself, you give the one to a child in need. It made my heart melt and encouraged me to order a pair of blue shoes immediately.

  • Sole

I love TOMS. I love them for their shoes, their item`s quality, and their approach: stylish design, classical style, suede insoles, and elastic soles. In these shoes pregnancy announcement as an event will be more pleasant and stress-free, as they are steady and comfy. The fabric is lightweight, and the design varies with bright colors and different prints.

  • Durability

The shoes are designed for warm, dry weather, so don’t expect to wear them during the rainy season. They will get wet anyway. At the same time, it is very comfortable to walk in them. Order size by size should fit well. According to my experience, the product is more comfortable than shoes for pregnant women during the first trimester. When the legs are swollen, it’s a little hard to walk.

  • Style

They are stylish. I love Argentine alpargata style – the rope sole always brings me thoughts of traveling on a ship.


  • The fabric withstands long walks and does not wear out quickly
  • High quality, good-looking, and flattering design


  • The sole may seem a little narrow for those who have a wider foot or are prone to swelling
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Crocs Women’s Swiftwater Sandal – Good Shoes for Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Yes, yes. I found a true diamond among Crocs! I think it makes no sense to discuss Crocs: everyone knows about their advantage in terms of comfort for legs. However, the main problem was how they looked. Most people say a direct “no” to wearing Crocs for summer, as the image of children’s monster-like slippers has been entrenched in my head. Nevertheless, here they are – stylish, beautiful Crocs women’s Swiftwater sandals! In these best shoes for pregnancy summer season will be more enjoyable even during exhausting hot days.

  • Sole

Having an advantage of the material – 100% made from Croslite, and synthetic soles, Swiftwater women’s sandals will fit a light dress or denim skirt, and will not cause a drop of discomfort.

  • Durability

They are also designed to repel water being a godsend for those who often spend time near the water. Put them on when going to a promenade, resort or vacation outside the city. These good shoes for pregnancy will suit moms with higher arches or wider legs. The material Croslite provides lightness and flexibility for your feet, thus making these sandals the optional idea for best pregnancy shoes. I definitely recommend them!

  • Style

Stop feeling nostalgic about the heels, as the platform of these sandals will provide you an elegant and feminine look. It is the perfect choice for fans of minimalist lines in clothes and shoes.

[amazon box=”B01H6ZR1FS” template=”horizontal”] Positives:

  • Light in weight, universal in style
  • Supporting insoles
  • Various styles and colors
  • Flexible sole grooves for added flexibility and comfort


  • The straps are not adjustable
  • Too high for a medium narrow/flat leg
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TIOSEBON Women’s Walking Shoes – Best Shoes in Pregnancy for Athletics

For everyday wear during the summer season, I haven`t found anything better than these soft textile TIOSEBON women’s athletic walking shoes. Being not waterproof, however, they are breathable.

  • Sole

Another important point for comfortable shoes pregnant women should take into account is a slip-resistant sole. Nevertheless, be careful with the size. It is better to take the shoes half a size larger because your legs may swell. This is the basic tip for future moms when choosing the best shoes in pregnancy.

  • Durability

The shoes are designed for comfortable walks in a park. The only issue to deal with is to check the accuracy of the size. It is better to order a half-size up, because the textiles are less elastic than most sports fabrics a priori. With the right size, the fabric will not exert any pressure, and you will not suffer from blisters. Also, be sure to pay attention to the width of the legs – the insole may be a little narrow for you. Other than that, everything is great. They are easy to wash in the washing machine, do not allow the foot to sweat and prevent unpleasant odors.

  • Style

The design is eco-friendly, suitable for any summer textile clothes. My legs felt comfortable experiencing no discomfort.


  • The knitted fabric provides good ventilation
  • Light-weighted fabric
  • Well-wound sole
  • Easy to wash


  • The insole may be a little narrow
  • Not the best presentable model for pregnancy announcements with shoes providing too casual look
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Orthofeet Sneakers – Best Shoes During Pregnancy with Ortho-Cushioning

If you have sensitive legs, are prone to edema (not to mention one hundred percent permanent edema during pregnancy), then you should look for Orthofeet bunions plantar fasciitis relief arch support orthopedic sneakers.

After buying these shoes, I fully appreciated the charm of wearing high-quality orthopedic insoles. As indicated on the website, the boots are equipped with super-insoles, anatomical arch support, and shock-absorbing layers.

  • Insole

You really feel the difference when you put them on. They relieve heel pain and improve foot alignment. When choosing the best shoes during pregnancy, you should think of the maximum comfort for your feet. These shoes are also made using the ortho-cushion system, and it makes difference because, thanks to air cushioning, it feels like I am walking in the clouds. At the same time, they’re designed to reduce the pressure on your feet, as well as any pain and discomfort when walking. Additionally, my friend also bought the same pair and claimed that these are the best shoes for pregnant teachers.

At the same time, orthopedic shoes are created with the expectation of the width of a leg. Even during edema, it will not cause any compression, and the gel pad under the heel will soften the step. During pregnancy, your legs need extra support. These sneakers will save you from dislocation and fatigue.

  • Durability

There is nothing as important in shoes to wear during pregnancy as their convenience. I have noted their comfort on the first day of a three-hour walk in Paris! Plus, they are real life-saviors among the shoes for pregnant women, when the legs tend to swell. I can say that it is probably the best shoes for pregnancy swollen feet.

  • Style

They are cute and bright. You can choose your favorite color and delight yourself every day. Yes, they are versatile and ideal for daily wear! During the third trimester especially, I hardly took off these shoes. No stress, no rubbing – they were just wonderful.


  • Suitable for everyday wear
  • Has arch support
  • Comfy inside


  • Takes some time to get used to the shoes – wear them only for short periods in the beginning
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Snow Boots BomKinta – Best Shoes to Wear When Pregnancy in Winter

I had spent some time searching for the best shoes to wear when pregnancy in winter, and I stopped on BomKinta women’s snow boots. When winter comes, it is desirable to find comfortable, safe and waterproof shoes. For a long time I was looking for a convenient option that would be stylish, but at the same time solid.

I would say right away that BomKinta wasn’t a well-known company for me. However, BomKinta snow boots combine high-quality technology and style. Firstly, I want to note the shoes are disgustingly comfortable. I just didn’t want to take off these probably the best pregnancy shoes for swollen feet.

  • Insoles

The best shoes for pregnancy should have anti-slip soles. In these boots, soles are rubber and elastic. They will protect you from injuries for sure. I’m a bit sloppy, so I will stress this factor tirelessly. Safety first!

Besides, since these are winter shoes, it is important to avoid any risk of a cold. I can say with confidence that these shoes are warm and soft, making them the best shoes for swollen pregnancy feet. The fur is nice and warm.

  • Durability

They do not lose their looks. With my love of walking and traveling, I stomped in them during the snowdrifts and puddles. However, thanks to the wear-resistant sole, they still look like a new item. At the same time, they have a dense Oxford material, which is easily cleaned with a cloth and is snow and water-resistant.

I ordered a size larger, because of a fairly thick layer of fur inside. They fit on the leg perfectly. This product is ideal for future mothers due to non-slip soles.

  • Style

If you are really into trends and style, these shoes will suit most of your looks. If you’re in search of comfortable shoes pregnancy period can force you to become really picky about your choice. I have bought a white pair for myself. Is these pregnancy shoes comfortable feeling never left me, besides, BomKinta`s shoes suited my colored pants perfectly. They make me happy even now!

In fact, they look like snowshoes, suitable for skiing and mountain adventures. The boots fit stylish, whether it’s a sporty look or a sheepskin coat.


  • Cute, comfortable and waterproof
  • Water repellent
  • Look like new even after a long time
  • Warm
  • Anti-slip protection


  • The shoelaces are too long, not very convenient to tie
  • Too hot to wear at temperatures above 0
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Frequently Asked Questions

Top 3 Facts I Would Love To Know When Pregnant

Here is some important information to know about what shoes to wear during pregnancy. I’ve gathered the top three facts that are crucial to know.

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Can a Pregnant Woman Wear High Heel Shoes?

If you still can not do without heels, remember that they should not be higher than 5 centimeters. At the same time, check them for stability. It is extremely simple to do – just put the shoes on the floor and see how tight the heel is in contact with the floor. Great if there is no distance in between. At the same time, the sock should rise slightly above the floor. These pregnancy heels shoes are optimal for expectant mothers.

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What Are the Best Shoes to Wear During Pregnancy?

Of course, for any woman, the style and her look is not something to be neglected. But in the happiest and most important months of life, it is better to give preference to convenience and practicality. So what shoes to wear during pregnancy? The moccasins or sneakers must be in your shoe wardrobe. These are the shoes in which legs do not get tired.

An important aspect when thinking of what are the best shoes for pregnancy is lacing. It is worth considering that for a pregnant woman in recent weeks it will be very inconvenient to bend over and tie shoelaces. Pay attention to Velcro shoes. This is a good alternative to zippers or shoelaces. You will be able to adjust the level of fastener`s density and to avoid injuring the legs.

  • Shoes are made of genuine and exclusively soft leather. In case the legs swell up, the skin becomes more sensitive, and soft material will smooth this effect;
  • Best shoes for swollen feet pregnancy should be loose, which is also important in case of swelling;
  • Best comfortable shoes for pregnancy should be “reliable” and of high quality. They should not be too loose;
  • After buying the shoes, you should take care of the “slip”. The soles of the boots can be slippery, so you should take the boots to the master, who will apply prevention measures.
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Does Shoe Size Return After Pregnancy?

Keep in mind that a foot size will increase during pregnancy. So, no matter what you are going to buy – boots or sandals, you should definitely consider that the leg will become larger. Get a new pair that is at least one size larger than your current one. Shoes for pregnancy in autumn should have a top with air ventilation since the foot tends to swell when carrying the baby. After pregnant and feeding periods, probable you will return to the previous size.

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Comfort Shoes for Pregnancy: Do They Exist?

During pregnancy, women have to endure a lot of issues related to the feet – edema, varicose, and even flat feet. Along with the growth of the child, the weight of the future mother also increases. Consequently, the pressure on the legs arises as well. So, you definitely need to take care of choosing the right comfortable shoes for pregnant feet.

Put your comfort first! In the early stages of pregnancy, it may seem that the size or fullness of the leg will not change, and you will be satisfied with the old shoes – it is self-deception. Starting from the second trimester of pregnancy shoes with a soft orthopedic insole are essential. Good shoes for pregnant feet, made of genuine leather and equipped with a soft orthopedic insole, will become a paradise. It means, regrettably, a need to hide all high heels in the wardrobe for a year at least.

Do you have your favorite high heels you will miss during pregnancy? What shoes among the mentioned in this article have grabbed your attention? Let me know in the comments!


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