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When Is It Best To Take A Pregnancy Test

A lot of women feel confused when it comes to taking pregnancy tests in general. When in doubt, “When should I take a pregnancy test?” is a common question every woman ask. Besides, women are concerned about what symptoms should signal the test should be taken, what kinds of tests are available, how correct they are, along with many other questions all women have in mind. Regardless of your plans to create a family with or without a child, answers to these questions are important for a woman’s peace of mind.

I have personally gone through these questions myself. So yes, I know how worrying and stressful they can get. I am studying to be a nutritionist while raising a 2-year-old son, so to save myself from going crazy, I read up and researched extensively to find the answers to my questions. Now, I am sharing all the things I find important about pregnancy tests, in the hope of helping fellow women like myself.

When Can I Take a Pregnancy Test to Get the Most Accurate Result?

Besides a common sign of delayed menstruation, some symptoms shall help to understand the right time to do a pregnancy test. A vast majority of women experience different sensations during early pregnancy, which may include swollen breasts or sudden cramps. Some women even notice a change in the appearance of the nipples, as they slightly enlarge or darken. In case you normally experience no cramping before your menstruation, and suddenly get cramps while your period is delayed – this may indicate a pregnancy. Fatigue is also a sign, as it is a usual effect of the changes in bodily hormones brought about by pregnancy. The change in hormone levels may cause sudden food sensitivities, cravings or their opposite extreme – aversions. Nausea is definitely among the most known symptoms experienced by pregnant women, especially during the early weeks.

If your overall condition, stress level and sleep are quite normal lately, but you feel that something’s not right with your body for no specific reason, if you start feeling fatigued and/or nauseous but cannot identify a particular cause, then taking a pregnancy test should be considered. Certainly, different woman experience different symptoms, however, a reasonable thing to do is to get aware of your symptoms and their combination whenever you suppose you are pregnant.

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How Soon Can I Take a Pregnancy Test When I Feel Something Is Not Right With My Body?

A woman that has missed her period and start to notice any symptoms mentioned above concentrates on one question, which is “how soon can you take a pregnancy test”. If you are planning a pregnancy, there’s no doubt you need to be sure how early you can take a pregnancy test. Let me point it straight—ones you notice delayed menstruation, it’s time to buy a test. When enough days went by and you are still waiting for a period, try a test at home for pregnancy. Feel free to get the first response pregnancy test at a local pharmacy, it usually works great and is ninety-nine percent accurate. Just make sure that the test is not expired and you’ve read the instructions attentively before you proceed. The earlier you know whether you are waiting for a baby or not the better, since a positive pregnancy test allows you to choose.

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When Should I Take A Pregnancy Test Calculator?

Some women may worry about the pregnancy test. But remember that early pregnancy testing brings you more benefits than harm. A pregnancy test calculator may be used by some women. This can serve as another method to help you react in time and take a pregnancy test. When I suspected I was pregnant, I also wondered about when I should take a pregnancy calculator. The problem solution was simple and straightforward – I did a test after I suspected a pregnancy! After all, nothing to be worried about or having second thoughts as there is no harm in taking a pregnancy test.

Usually, a pregnancy testing calculator needs your data about the menstrual cycle: the first day of your last period, a typical cycle length, days of the fertile window. Using this data, it can determine the estimated time to take a pregnancy test and receive positive results (being really pregnant). The results are credible when the test has been done fourteen days after ovulation. Trying the test on different days can show incorrect results. Also, it is important to pick the right kind of pregnancy test. Blood pregnancy tests are usually highly trustworthy if you expect a result at the earliest time, while instant urine pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate.

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How Early Can You Take a Pregnancy Test at Home or the Doctor’s Office?

Tests are usually accurate, no matter when you take it during the day. Anyway, the preferable time to do it is morning. At-home pregnancy tests show the hCG hormone level that a pregnant body produces. From a medical point of view, you take one after waking up since this is when the hormone concentration is the highest in a body, and it will be shown clearly that you are expecting. Logically, if you have stayed hydrated during the day, your urine is clear and cannot be of the same concentration as in the morning, which is a usual reason of false negative on pregnancy test. You may actually be pregnant but chose not the right time for testing, and the result is negative.

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What is the Best Pregnancy Test for Me?

Of course, the final decision is up to each woman’s personal preferences. Here I provided you with a choice:

The Test That You Do at Home

Personally, the best pregnancy test and the most convenient one is the at-home one. This pregnancy test is the cheapest option, the quickest in delivering results, available in any pharmacy or drugstore, and highly accurate. I used this method when I was pregnant with my first child, and it appeared to be accurate and without any issues.

All went smooth with these kinds of tests and I enjoyed the effortless usage. They only differ in time you have to wait until the results came out. However, mind not to take the first urine you pee to do a test, as it can be inaccurate. Also remember that result signs can differ from one test to another, for instance, lines, words, or even colors.

Online Quizzes

To my point of view, a pregnancy test online can not be the last option to determine whether you are expecting. But they serve as guides when you have a doubt. It is a form of a questionnaire that asks you about the symptoms of the pregnancy and what method of contraception you’ve used before. Such online pregnancy tests may give you an idea about the state your body is in. But of course, nothing can beat a real, physical test.


There are multiple results to research about homemade pregnancy tests. More and more women are pursuing the attempts of these tests for a couple of reasons, for instance to maintaining the confidentiality of the fertilization, opting to consume natural ingredients, or simply using it as a preliminary examination. Whatever aims you may have to practice homemade tests; experts remain divided regarding their accuracy. Although, the choice to decide to try them is your decision to make, regardless of your choice make sure that you are safe and the just as long as you know that you are safe and the components are not harmful.

There is a various number to test for fertilization through made in home means, so let’s not go through possible varieties that I found. We can start with the vinegar test. First add your urine to vinegar, stay patient for a couple of minutes. In case there is an adjustment in color, it implies that you are pregnant. One more way to find out is the bleach test. After compiling your urine in a jar, mix it with bleach and stir it to make sure there are no lumps that may be formed. If the mixture eventually forms a foam or a bubble, it means you are pregnant. A similar to the previous is the baking soda check. You can put a few tablespoons of baking soda inside of the jar with your urine to see if it creates fizz, meaning you are pregnant.

As well, I was not able to discover another resource about the affirmation of the scientific basis nor prove of those experiments. Nevertheless, there is another option for people who is not ready to do it the regular way and more common pregnancy tests just yet. Be aware that any of those ingredients won’t make you feel worse or to harm yourself.

Blood Test

A blood test one of the best ways to be sure if you are pregnant or not. Depending on what kind of a blood test you choose, the specific measure of the hCG hormone in your body can be determined. Obviously, this has to be done by a medic. So, although this is the most convenient way, it is also can be pricy. Moreover, it takes more time to receive information on the results.

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Where Can I Take A Pregnancy Test?

Where you can take pregnancy tests counts on which type of test you select. A urine pregnancy test is available in any pharmacy for you to try it by yourself. You can buy the test and perform it in the comforts of your place. The identical reason goes for homemade and online pregnancy tests. Tests with blood, of course, won’t be done by yourself. You have to have a medical doctor for this and shall be done in a sterile environment.

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How Much Does It Really Cost?

The expenses of pregnancy tests rely on the type of test and the place where it is performed. Altogether, home pregnancy tests price tag starts from a dollar to around thirty dollars. Blood pregnancy tests, that are taken at the medical facility are more expensive. Often, their minimum cost is about fifty dollars.

If you need to get more information on the best pregnancy tests, you can ask for the reference in the pharmacy. More likely there will be a wide pool of pregnancy tests accessible, but there are a few that are bought the most and those which are on high demand.

Ordinarily, medical facilities and doctors’ clinics that do not provide free of cost pregnancy tests. However, you have a chance to look around your area and check if there are any hospitals or clinics that provide a free pregnancy test on certain dates. Also, make sure to check in with your insurance company, they can cover such tests.

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What to Do When The Pregnancy Test Positive?

Exciting news! Before you’ve decided to carry a baby, the first suggestion would be to make an appointment with your doctor. You can ask for a blood pregnancy test in the doctor’s office to get the most accurate results. Nevertheless, visiting your doctor will help you, as you can be informed about what steps to take next, and what necessary lifestyle changes you have to do.

To summarize all the information above, here is a helpful comparison table I made:

AccuracyHighly AccurateNot so accurateNot so accurate, no scientific basisHighly accurate
PriceAffordable, depending on the brandFreeCheap, since you are using household materialsMore expensive, since it has to be performed by a medical professional
AvailabilityWidely available in most pharmacies and drugstoresAvailable onlineMaterials are commonly available in most housesAvailable only in medical clinics or hospitals
Speed of resultsA few minutesA few minutesA few minutesDepends on the type, can either be a few hours or a few days

I hope the research I’ve made will help you chose the best pregnancy tests for you, and the questions in your head about pregnancy tests have been more or less addressed. Before we end, here are some other questions that I frequently receive:

Can pregnancy tests be expired?

Yes, they can. The chemical that pregnancy kits that you use at home contain measures the level of pregnancy hormone. This chemical does not last forever, which is why pregnancy kits have expiration dates. It is essential to check the expiration date before you buy the pregnancy test in the pharmacy or using the one that you had at home. Usually, these kits can still be accurate after two to three years after the manufacturing. It is also important to remember that these kits should be stored properly. The heat or humidity can damage the test that will lead to false results. Read the instructions before storing and using these kits at home.

Can gynecologists do pregnancy tests?

Yes, gynecologists can do pregnancy tests. Most clinics can check even twice – they use both methods of urine and blood testing to be completely sure.

Do tubal pregnancies show on pregnancy tests?

A blood test may recognize a tubal pregnancy, however it is proper to determine that through an ultrasound, as the medical specialist will see the true location of your pregnancy.

Will pregnancy tests show that a woman has an ectopic pregnancy?

Usually, there’s a little chance that ectopic pregnancy will be shown in at-home tests. During such pregnancy a woman won’t have a high level of the hCG hormone. Hence, pregnancy test taken at home will show nothing. If you are in doubts it is always better to see your doctor and make additional tests.

What affects pregnancy tests?

A lot can affect the accuracy of pregnancy tests in case of taking one at home. For example, a false positive pregnancy test can occur when the woman can take pills that contain hormones or drugs with hCG. False negative pregnancy test occurs when a woman does test in the afternoon or in the evening, not in the morning. Thus, the idea to visit a doctor will be the most sensible in a situation of doubt.

Worries, confusion, and excitement brought about by pregnancy tests are familiar to every woman. Remember, you are never alone in dealing with these things. The health is the most important thing and when you are in doubt my ultimate advice would be to take an earlier pregnancy test.


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    Christine McAdams 30.10.2019 at 09:30

    Hello, Anna! Thanks for a really useful article. Me and my boyfriend are planning to have a baby soon, but there’s one thing I’m still confused about. What is the difference between the pregnancy test and the pregnancy test calculator? When should I take a pregnancy test calculator?

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      Annabel Strickland 02.11.2019 at 13:52

      Hey! Thank you for the positive feedback! I always strive to deliver the necessary information for my readers, so I’m glad you liked this article.

      Congrats to you and your boyfriend on the amazing decision! Planning your pregnancy is a responsible choice that will ease the pregnancy period itself. When it comes to choosing pregnancy tests, you have to know that there are two types of them: a pregnancy test and a pregnancy test calculator. The pregnancy test calculator should provide phases of your cycle: menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, and luteal. This calculator helps to predict perfect days for impregnation, and find out the estimated date of birth. You can look for such a calculator on the Internet, it’s quick and doesn’t take much time. I hope this helps!

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