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Best Baby Carrier for Preemies: Ease Your Maternal Life

A baby carrier for a newborn is a must-have item for young mothers who want to dedicate more time and provide high-level comfort to a child. In infancy, child care and intimacy with the mother are vital. The best baby carrier for preemies guarantees the child’s safety during carrying, walking, shopping, lulling, and so on. To make the best choice of a sling, you should consider several criteria. The main are optimal design, color, and the model intended to use for your child’s specific age. I understand it is challenging to combine a career and give the child full care. Therefore, I decided to help you and made a review of the best baby carrier for preemie child.

The Best Baby Carrier for Preemies: Ergonomic Boba Baby Wrap

Boba company produces high-quality baby carriers. Non-trivial design, ease of use, and convenience are the main features of this American brand. The company’s goal is to provide convenient infant carrier slings for parents who prefer an active lifestyle.

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A little bit of brand history

Elizabeth and Robert Antunovich are an American married couple who love to travel around the world with their family members. Young parents have been searching for a convenient way to travel with children that wouldn’t limit their freedom of action. In 2006, they founded the Boba brand. The slogan “Freedom Together” reflects the main idea of ​creating the best baby wrap carrier, showing that you can easily, freely, and conveniently travel with your child with the right device.

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The key features of Boba carrier

  • The Boba Baby Wrap complies with the latest technologies in the production of slings for babies.
  • For the production of this best baby wearing wrap, only natural and environmentally friendly, 95% cotton was used.
  • The ultimate design and a wide range of 14 colors;
  • Low price in comparison with its competitors on the market;
  • Boba products occupy one of the leading positions in the manufacture of safe slings for children worldwide.
  • In the Boba Wrap sling, the load is distributed evenly over the user’s entire back (from shoulders to hips). That’s why in the moby wrap newborn kangaroo, you almost don’t feel the child’s weight, and the baby feels cozy and comfortable.

For your convenience, I decided to provide a step-by-step guide on how to use the Boba Wrap. It is based on baby sling safety rules.

  1. Find the Boba logo and expand the sling logo scarf.
  2. Wrap yourself in a sling so that the two stripes of the scarf intersect at the back. Then, lower them from your shoulders. Try not to twist the fabric and keep tension.
  3. Take both parts of the sling with one hand and tuck them by the piece with the Boba logo.
  4. Pull them down. Stretch the part of the logo scarf along the front of the body.
  5. Wrap the rest of the sling around you, crossing it at the back of the waist. Make sure the fabric is tight enough.
  6. Tie a sling with two knots. You can tie as you wish, back, front, or side.

The design of the Boba babywearing preemie allows you to position the child both horizontally and vertically. Knitwear is elastic and perfectly fits the body, supporting the baby’s back across the entire surface. It is perfect for mothers who don’t like tight carry items with buckles, belts, or buttons.

Even weight distribution of your child and soft “hugging” of the sling makes it the best wrap for newborn. It will help you calm your baby, as they will listen to your voice and feel your movements. The unique structure of the reverse side of the sling is made specifically with a hinged layer raised above the surface. It is designed to create an “air” breathing layer between the mother’s body and her baby.

According to the reviews of the Boba slings in Croatia, Indonesia, Spain, Portugal, and other countries with a warm climate, mothers note that this “conditioning system” allows you to lighten excess heat from the baby. In cold weather, on the contrary, the air cushion retains heat inside the sling and works on the principle of thermal underwear. Each item is packed in a beautiful cardboard box, so Boba sling is perfect as a gift too.

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The benefits of using Boba Wrap Baby Carrier:

    1. It provides support for the baby’s head and neck – especially when the baby is falling asleep.
    2. You can breastfeed your baby without removing them from the sling: thanks to the elasticity of the tissue, you can control the baby’s position.
    3. Soft and delicate. There is no pressure on the baby’s delicate skin, which can irritate their skin or your shoulders.
    4. Durable and breathable – good quality knitwear that retains its shape even after washing.
    5. Boba Wrap is an ideal option for kangaroo care with premature babies. It is suitable if doctors recommend carrying the baby outside, mimicking the baby’s presence in the mother’s womb.
    6. Its size is quite large, 6 x 6 x 11.5 inches. Therefore, your back won’t be so tired from wearing the item as it is with all devices with narrow straps or one-shoulder design.
    7. There is no time limit for how long your child can stay in the sling.
    8. Ideal for traveling; it is compact and lightweight. The sling frees your hands and helps to hide the baby and your breastfeeding process in crowded places.
  • Ergonomic
  • Natural fabric
  • Easy to use
  • Elastic material for soft care
  • Certified by International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • Suitable for machine wash and dry
  • It may be harmful if you don’t follow the instructions.
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Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap: For Babies from 8 to 35 Pounds

The K’tan baby carrier is a comfortable sling made from 100% cotton. This is a light and breathable fabric that is recommended to use for baby skin. The K’tan consists of two attached pieces of fabric that you have to slide over your head. The bag also comes in a carrier that you can tie around your body for the added support of your baby. The K’tan allows you to wear the baby from 8 to 35 pounds which are a pretty typical weight range for wraps.

This baby wrap is designed to carry a baby in 5 different carrying positions: the kangaroo position, the hug hold, the explorer hold, the hip, and the adventurer hold. All of them are intended to ease your motherhood life and make the home life funnier. This item is safe and secure for your baby because it is medically approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

  • Available in sizes XXS to XL;
  • Lightweight 100% cotton;
  • Machine washable;
  • Simple design.
  • Feels too tight if washed inappropriately.
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Baby Wrap Carrier by KeaBabies: Elastic Fabric for Mommies of All Sizes

The KeaBabies baby carrier is made from a special elastic fabric that provides strong and reliable protection for your child. This fabric is designed this way so that your shoulders and back don’t get tired after long wear, as this doesn’t require constant reconfiguration of the wrapper. This baby carrier is designed in only one universal size since the fabric is elastic and can be stretched to the desired height and weight of the child. It perfectly fits your body. Depending on your physique, you can fasten the loop on the front and tie it firmly or do the same on the back.

This is a hands-free carrier for children. KeaBabies wrapper will help you to cope with all household chores and breastfeed your little one while wearing. Such a baby carrier will help you get closer to your baby in the first days of their life, as you will wear it near your chest and your baby will feel your warmth. It is important to provide maximum comfort and convenience in the new environment for a newborn.

  • Hands-free;
  • Elastic fabric;
  • Easy to use.
  • Only one size.
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Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling by Sleepy Wrap: For Babies from 18 Months Old

The Sleepy Wrap is designed from a stretch mix of fabric 95% Cotton and 5% French Terry Spandex. The strength of this material provides the perfect fit for your body. You don’t need to constantly adjust the carrier. You can tie the wrap in front, back, or side, as you wish. When you use the Sleepy Wrap, you recreate the perfect environment for the baby, your heartbeat and body warmth will soothe the baby’s life for the first months. This will protect your little one from stress and discomfort.

It provides individual and ergonomic fit that controls the proper development of the child. Using a wrapper, you provide organic thermoregulation for the baby. Since the child doesn’t know how to keep warm or cool, they use your body heat. The wrapper helps well in the process and forms a healthy immune system. Besides, it affects the nervous system, because the baby feels protected and less stressed during the first days and months.

  • Easy to use;
  • Machine washable;
  • Ergonomic.
  • Recommended for babies from 18 months old only.
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CuddleBug Baby Wrap Sling: One of the Best Infant Carrier Sling

CuddleBag 9-in-1 contributes to the safe development of the baby’s hips, which further affects the formation of the spine. The premium mix of French terry cotton and spandex is flexible enough to adapt to any height and weight of your child. If your baby is growing fast, you don’t need to worry about buying a new wrap. You can tie CuddleBad wrap as a sling and use it as a device for breastfeeding. This process creates an excellent bond between a parent and a child which contributes to the psychological development of the child too. You can do any housework and play with your older children.

For newborns, visual and auditory alertness is always exacerbated. Therefore, when you carry a child near the heart, this contributes to cognitive development. The CuddleBag company holds an excellent charity event, and when you buy this wrap, part of the money goes to Long Way Home in Guatemala. This will help build schools to enable communities to overcome poverty and provide children with a decent education.

  • Premium fabric;
  • Easy to use;
  • Designed for any child’s height and weight.
  • More expensive compared to other slings.
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FAQ Section

Original Stretchy Infant Sling with Baby

To use the babywearing preemie in the right way, you should learn the basic rules and ways to wrap a baby sling. These answers will help you to make sure that your baby feels safe and comfortable in the sling.

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At what age baby carrier can be used?

I recommend you use the sling from the first days of the baby’s life. When I used this device every day, I noticed that the sling provided a smooth adaptation of the baby to the world after birth.

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What is a baby carrier?

A baby carrier is a piece of elastic fabric that is wound in a certain way on the torso. It allows you to keep the baby in the physiologically correct position. You should carefully adjust it to the physical parameters of your child to avoid any accidental harm.

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When can baby face forward in carrier?

Between 3 and 6 months old, your child may prefer a forward-facing position. To determine if your baby is ready for this position, try to walk and turn slightly from side to side so that the child has a 180-degree changing view. If your baby likes this, you can choose to face forward as a permanent position.

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How long can you carry a baby in a carrier?

      • For children under 3–4 months of age, I recommend using the sling as much as you need following the guidance on safe sling use.
      • From 3-4 months, the need for additional wearing is steadily decreasing as the baby learns new skills
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Ease Your Motherhood with the Best Baby Carrier

Most often, with the appearance of a newborn, mothers have to change their lifestyle and adapt to new conditions. The loss of the usual rhythm is stressful for a mother. With the best baby wraps for preemies, women can minimize this by managing more things every day and being with a baby as long as they want. A sling will help a mom move freely outside the home, optimize household chores, and not overlook older children. I hope my recommendation for the Boba sling will help you cope with the early stages of motherhood.

If you have any questions about maternity, I will be pleased to answer them. Also, if you already used this baby carrier, please share your experience with us!

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