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  1. Thank you for sharing these popular prenatal vitamins. I have found one that I’ve used before, and the one that I am currently using. I started with Rainbow Light Prenatal multivitamins. I loved the idea that I have to take only one multivitamin a day. But my doctor told me that I need vitamins with calcium, so I switched to One A Day Women’s multivitamins.

  2. If I have to choose between great quality and mediocre quality for my baby, I will always choose the best, even if it is pricey. You are right about Mrs. Meyer’s laundry detergent and its price. But I still believe that it is the best newborn detergent. And as for me, making over 60 loads is good enough for $32. It is natural and effective. Besides, my baby’s clothes smell incredible.

  3. This list of vitamins actually contains the one that I use. I take them from the very beginning, since the day my doctor recommended multivitamins to me. And Vitafusion chewable prenatal vitamins prove to be amazing. The best thing about them, they are really tasty. Why not? I believe that vitamins must be tasty, and since I had to stop eating candies, these vitamins do their job well.

  4. I totally agree with you on chewable vitamins. I hate pills myself. But it is necessary to take vitamins for the baby’s health. I tried Belly Bar Dha soft chews, and I still love them. Now I am taking Bellybar chewable vitamins with fruit flavor, that you mention in this article. They are really delicious. Besides, they are pretty affordable and contain all the vitamins I need for my baby.

  5. There are so many great options of organic diapers in your review, it is hard to choose just one. But I was using OsoCozy brand even before I read the article. I love that they are from cotton, and this material is so soft for my little girl’s skin. This is exactly what all babies need. Yes, these diapers require practice, as you’ve said, but after some time, you will be a pro. Besides, they are not really expensive.

  6. As for me, I love washable baby cloth pockets from Wegreeco. You have them on your list here. They cost something like $30 for 6 diapers. And they come with inserts for them and one wet bag. Just look at these cloth diaper covers! Tiny mice, robots, stars. They also have solid colors, for busy days, as I call them. I used Babygoal Baby Cloth Pocket Nappy diapers before, which you don’t have on your list, but they are more expensive.

  7. Thanks Celeste, for these reviews! Reusable diapers save money, time, and nerves. I use them since my son was born. We began with GroVia hybrid covers, but the problem of price and additional need in inserts from the same company forced me to look for other options. Now I am using Anmababy diapers, which come in the pack of 4. They are so cute! I love these colors!

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    Jacqueline Riveira 03.02.2020 at 17:59

    My main concern when it comes to picking laundry detergents for baby cloth is whether it may cause allergies. I have seen three different detergents with “Hypoallergenic” tag on them. Yet, I’ve tried only one of them, and I am happy with my choice so far. It is called ECOS 2X Hypoallergenic liquid detergent from Earth Friendly Products. I use this liquid for all my family cloths.