What’s Good About I’m Pregnant App?

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Have you just learned about the imminent replenishment in the family or just planning a pregnancy? This period should be as comfortable as possible for the expectant mother and the child. In this case, I’m talking not only about regular medical examinations, proper nutrition, and vitamins. There are a huge number of apps that will help to ease your pregnancy period. I’m Pregnant app is one of them.

When you customize the app for yourself and indicate the duration of your pregnancy, the program will tell you what happens to your body at this time. Plus, it will build a schedule of your weight gain and warn about deviations from the norm. Apart from this, there is a schedule of visits to the doctor and the timing of the necessary tests. The app also contains information on the height and weight of the child, the formation of his organs, and the development of skills.

How Does My Baby Look Now?

The baby is growing, and the mom is getting heavier. This is a natural process, which is important to monitor throughout the entire pregnancy period. I’m Pregnant will tell you about how much your baby weighs about now using cute fruits and vegetable pics. For example, on the 34th week, your baby is the size of a cantaloupe.

How To Use The App?

To start using the app, just enter the date of the last period, and the program will automatically calculate the approximate date of the baby birth, the date of conception, and the age of the child. Next, you can open the schedule to monitor how the baby develops inside. I’m Pregnant app also has a special section where you can prescribe the notification for visiting the doctor, the first checkup planned during pregnancy, find the necessary advice, note your moods and analyze how your pregnancy goes.

Note tests that are already done keep a pregnancy diary about to track your wants, feelings, and weight changes. You can as well note the recommendations by the doctor for each day during pregnancy. At the end of the pregnancy period, the received diary can be formed into a beautiful journal, so you can save it in PDF format, and transfer it to your laptop.


  • Free to use;
  • A lot of useful functions and reminders;
  • Cool graphics;
  • Straightforward interface;
  • Cross-platform usage.


  • I didn’t notice any!

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Do I Recommend The App?

Each week of pregnancy brings something new for you, for your baby, and your partner! With this application, you will find out what is happening to you and your baby, what physical and emotional problems you may face. I’m Pregnant allows you to mark your mood, track your appetite every week, and then view the periods of ups and downs on the chart.

The app will tell you how to eat during pregnancy, what exercises to do. It will also help you to easily pick up a bag for the hospital without forgetting anything you need. Remember that pregnancy is more than a malaise in the morning and nightly walks to the bathroom. This is your personal journey worth remembering! So, get I’m Pregnant tracker on your device!

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